Bodden Town is PPM country

Once the dust settled Thursday morning, the People’s Progressive Movement had swept Bodden Town’s four Legislative Assembly seats. Incumbents Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour polled far behind the leaders. 

Longtime incumbent Anthony Eden spearheaded the Progressives’ assault, taking 1,781 votes, while appearing on nearly half of the 3,626 ballots cast in the district. Mr. Eden was followed by fellow PPM party members Osbourne Bodden, Wayne Panton and Alva Suckoo.  

“We are very pleased,” Mr. Eden said about his party’s performance in the district. “Our committee was so well organised. The canvassers were what helped make the difference. We wouldn’t have gotten half the results we did without their dedication.” 

Mr. Eden has represented Bodden Town for more than 20 years, attaining his first Cabinet position in 1994. 

Mr. Bodden received 1,615 votes (45 per cent). Mr. Bodden returns to the Legislative Assembly after serving from 2005 to 2009. 

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Mr. Panton received 1,571 votes (44 per cent). Mr. Suckoo received 1,393 votes (39 per cent.) 

Mr. Eden said, “It goes to show that you don’t have to get into these things, to deal with the negativity. It’s about the people. When you forget about the people you represent, that’s when you get in trouble.” 

United Democratic Party candidate Theresa Pitcairn finished just behind Mr. Suckoo, receiving 1,352 votes (38 per cent). 

On Thursday morning, Ms Pitcairn said, “The people spoke and I am grateful for the time they took to listen to me. What I have been hearing from my colleagues is that they think I still did quite well and have somewhat survived the United Democratic Party body slam.” 

She said, “I am going to take the time to reflect and there are two things I promised Bodden Towners that I would do, win, lose or draw. Those are to help them to develop the Bodden Town Primary School and open a legal clinic to give advice, as the need for those kinds of resources became very apparent to me during my campaign.” 

Independent candidate Charles Clifford finished in sixth place, with 1,220 votes (34 per cent). Mr. Clifford had formerly been a minister with the PPM government of 2005 to 2009. 

UDP candidate Christopher Saunders was in seventh, with 1,098 votes (31 per cent). 

People’s National Alliance candidates Mr. Scotland and Mr. Seymour were in eight and ninth place, respectively. 

During the past four years, Mr. Scotland has been minister for health, environment, youth, sports and culture. For the past few months, Mr. Seymour has been minister for community affairs, gender and housing. 

Mr. Scotland received 864 votes (24 per cent). Mr. Seymour received 712 votes (20 per cent). 

On Thursday morning, Mr. Scotland thanked his constituents, as well as election officials and his ministry staff. He congratulated the newly elected legislators. 

“After working hard for the past four years representing Bodden Town and the Cayman Islands, the voters have spoken. I want to congratulate the incoming government, all of them,” Mr. Scotland said. “Eighteen members have been elected. It’s our government.” 

Rounding out the results in Bodden Town were Errington Webster, Arnold Berry, Gregg Anderson and Vincent Frederick. 

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Webster said voters’ reactions to his campaign had been positive. 

“When the silenced voice speaks, then we will know what has to be said,” Mr. Webster said. 


Mr. Suckoo


Mr. Eden


Mr. Panton
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  1. Speaking on my views not only for one district but for George Town, Bodden Town and West Bay. I SAY THERE ARE TOO MANY SEATS. Not necessary.
    In this election there were too many throw away votes, that is the reason people are surprised by the results.
    I vote for Tom Jeanie, and just throw the other four votes anywhere on the paper. Not good enough.


  2. They swept b/c they all campaigned on a NO to the BT dump. Of course they will walk away from the deal with Dart to build a new facility so I wonder how they will fix Mt. Trashmore when they realize it will cost 100 million to do it themselves and all studies say its not feasible to build any infrastructure at the GT Dump.
    80ft high and 350tons of garbage added every day. Another 4 years of studies and doing nothing is what we will get.