Digicel drop Scotiabank’s call for T-Ball bragging rights

The rematch between Scotiabank and Digicel meant an opportunity to avenge the T-Ball season’s only relay defeat to date. 

The game opened with Scotiabank batting. An infield single seemed to stun the Digicel defence into inaction. A powerful hit through the centre of the defence followed to keep the runners moving.  

A Digicel highlight was the second baseman making a highlight reel diving stop on an outfield hit that seemed to have double written all over it. The Scotiabank batters, by and large, showed progress by hitting the ball around.  

After allowing a few runs, the Digicel catcher would erase the last three runners, much to the displeasure of the Scotiabank crowd. The rest of the game would be played under their supporters’ protest. 

The bottom of the first saw a well marshalled defensive set up from Scotiabank. The Digicel hitting showed lots of improvement from the first game of this series. Solid hits through the infield were gathered quickly and thrown smartly to first, as had been rehearsed in practice.  

A slight mix up in covering second resulted in extra bases for Digicel’s best hitter. The last batter swung for the fences but a great stop and sprint back to the tee erased Digicel’s last three base runners and left the game evenly poised after one inning. 

Second time through the line up saw a familiar pattern to the first for Scotiabank. Easy singles were the result of good flat swings with a smash to the left side keeping the scoreboard ticking over. The highlight was a hard hit that saw the ball ping off the bat and fly all the way to the outfield and on to the warning track.  

Running hard from the outset, it looked like a home run all the way with the Scotiabank hitter closing hard on his team-mate ahead of him on the base path. 

One of the Scotiabank players stepped in for his first plate appearance of the day following a hectic night out to celebrate his birthday, contrary to team rules. In a press release following the game, team management agreed that celebrating your birthday only happens once a year and so no fines would be imposed on player or parents. 

The bottom half of the final inning meant defending the lead. Despite some great infield defence, Scotiabank couldn’t seem to get the out. As Digicel was shorthanded, the last batter seemed to arrive all too soon and Scotiabank managed to get the last three runners out once again. 

The much anticipated relay rematch began with Digicel taking an early and impressive lead of a full lap. The result was still in doubt for a few minutes until the umpires conferred and agreed that, despite their best efforts, Scotiabank had been narrowly defeated once again by their 
nemesis, Digicel. 

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