Theft charges sent to Grand Court

New charges of theft and possession of criminal property were brought against Michael Sean Levitt in Summary Court on Tuesday.  

By agreement with defence attorney Ben Tonner, they and two previous theft charges were sent to Grand Court, where they will be mentioned on Friday, 14 June. 

No pleas were taken in the lower court. 

Levitt, 56, has been in custody since April, when he asked that his bail be revoked. 

He was first accused of stealing US$289,205.22 from a specified bank account, the money being the property of Solomon Harris, a Cayman law firm, between 16 December, 2011, and 9 October, 2012. 

The second charge alleged theft of US$226,591.05 from a different account at the same bank, the money also being the property of Solomon Harris. This theft was said to have taken place between 16 December, 2011, and 20 December, 2012. 

On Tuesday, Magistrate Valdis Foldats read the new charges to Levitt. The theft charge alleges that he stole US$281,392.19 from a Solomon Harris bank account, using Solomon Harris cheques between 24 December, 2009, and 24 January, 2012. 

The second new charge was that, between 24 December, 2009, and 24 January, 2012, he possessed criminal property, namely US$711,219.30. 

Crown Counsel Michael Snape appeared for the prosecution. 

Cayman Islands Courthouse - palm tree

The Law Courts Building in downtown George Town. – Photo: File

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