Triple C students exhibit artwork at National Gallery

Triple C’s high school art students had their first art show at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands on Friday, 24 May.  

More than 60 pieces, ranging from photography to sculptures, were displayed.  

Students, parents, family, and well-wishers came to view the show and each student was present to share their inspiration for their pieces. Within the group of artists were several seniors who were very excited to have their work in the 
National Gallery.  

Simon Tatum, grade 12, said, “It is great that young people are being granted such a great opportunity to have our art displayed with the National Gallery. It is a form of encouragement for all young artists to continue to develop this gift that we have.” 

Other high school students also expressed their excitement about having their art being displayed at the National Gallery.  

Lorena Morejon, grade 11, commented, “It was encouraging to watch people respond to our art work so positively.”  

Ashley Wood, grade 11, said, “I learned a lot through the entire process of putting on an art exhibition. I only wish we could have left our work up for display longer.” 

“It was a great day for the students,” said Mrs. Lynn Husemann, art teacher. “I enjoyed listening to the students interact with the guests and talk about what went into creating their work. They sounded like professionals.” 


Triple C students exhibited their work at the National Gallery. – Photo: Submitted

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