Two great events to savour

Lovers of speedy water sports are in for a treat this weekend with the first staging of Jet Around Cayman and the Million Dollar Run two days apart. 

Historically, the events have been run completely separate, but such is their appeal to similar audiences that they complement each other perfectly. 

Jet Around Cayman 2013 is an endurance Jet Ski race around Grand Cayman. The race is on Saturday, 29 June at Surfside Beach Restaurant & Bar on Seven Mile Beach. 

Past winners of the Jet Around Cayman include Gary Whittaker (2012), Roshad Goff (2011), Christophe Lycaon (2010), Eric Francis (2009) and Jordan McLean (2008). Goff and McLean went on to win world titles, so the standard for the event is quite high.  

Both organised by Monster Media, Jet Around Cayman is celebrating its 17th year. 

Race festivities run throughout the day with the big race starting at 1pm. Participants will mount their beasts, preparing to do battle on the open sea.  

Monster Media executive Kenny Rankin, a four-time winner himself, said: “We are pleased to announce the participation of two world-class racers in this year’s Jet Around Cayman – Chris Macclugage and Ryan ‘Flying’ Hardwick.”  

Veteran Macclugage is a pioneer in Jet Ski racing and has been competing since the early 1990s.  

He is a 13-time world champion and national champion, and a three-time Thailand Kings Cup winner. He has also been the Japanese champion and European Indoor Champion twice, as well as Offshore Guadeloupe Champion.  

Hardwick, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, has been riding for more than 20 years and his wins include the 2011 National and World Runner-Up Pro Runabout Stock and 2010 APBA Watercross Nationals first Place Overall Pro Runabout Stock.  

The Million Dollar Run on Monday, 1 July will consist of three boat classes to broaden the range of those wishing to compete in what is always an exciting match of skills and daring. 

Pleasure Class is for fishermen style and leisure boats and new captains wanting to get involved in the event. 

The Circuit Class is open to experienced captains and medium performance crafts and the Offshore Class is for the most experienced captains and high performance crafts.  

The route features an exciting rolling start. It starts from the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort area about 300 yards from shore and crafts go at full pelt along the stretch of Seven Mile Beach. 

Then they head north toward Public Beach, continuing to North West Point before making a turn and heading back south toward Thompson Mooring in George Town. The last sharp turn is made here followed by a race back to complete the route. 

For the poker run element of the race, “cards” are chosen randomly before, during and after the race to form a full, five-card hand for each captain at the race’s conclusion. 

For the second year in a row, every Jet Ski participating in the race will be equipped with a GPS tracking device provided by Cayman Armoured Security Service. This data will be available both online and at the Surfside site, so anyone interested can see who the front runners are. 


Jordan McLean is a past Jet Around Cayman winner.


Jet Around Cayman is spectacular from any angle.


Seven Mile Beach is the perfect venue for both events. – PHOTO: STEPHEN CLARKE

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