American students go wild

A group of 26 American high school students from the Richmond Burton High School in Richmond, Illinois, visited the Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter recently as part of a research trip focusing on marine conservation.  

Accompanied by their Marine Biology instructor Ryan Carlson, the group spent their week in the Cayman Islands studying coral reef conservation. The majority of their time on island was spent scuba diving and looking at the health of the different types of reefs surrounding Grand Cayman. On Wednesday, 19 June, the group visited the Cayman Turtle Farm to learn how this unique facility is helping with turtle conservation while also functioning as the Cayman Islands’ most visited land-based tourist attraction.  

While at the Cayman Turtle Farm, the group was given a presentation by Geddes Hislop, the Cayman Turtle Farm’s curator of Terrestrial Exhibits & Education Programmes, who outlined the structure of the organisation, as well as its research and conservation mandate. After the presentation, they toured the park and interacted with the turtles and other animals resident on site.  

The Cayman Turtle Farm regularly hosts groups of visiting students from high schools and colleges throughout the United States.  


For more information and admission rates, call the Cayman Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter on 949-3894.  


Students from the United States learned about Cayman wildlife at the Turtle Farm. – Photo: Submitted