DART generosity is a knockout

The Cayman Islands Boxing Association is grateful to DART Cayman Islands who have stepped up as a heavyweight corporate sponsor of the Extended After School Boxing Programme committing $45,000 over a three year period. 

The Youth Boxing Programme is an initiative between the boxing association and the Ministry of Education’s Extended After school Programme.  

The programme provides youth in the Cayman Islands with the opportunity to safely and conveniently explore boxing while also finding an extra-curricular outlet that promotes fitness, self-confidence, discipline and leadership.  

“We have had several kids come into the programme with anti-social behaviour, low self-esteem and with little to no parental guidance and through our coaching and involvement, those children have developed confidence, set goals and applied themselves,” said boxing association president Terence Spencer.  

“The endorsement and support of DART will allow us to open the after school programme up to more children and enable us to purchase needed gym equipment and put in place adequate resources to properly teach the kids.” 

The achievements and dedication of young boxers who are involved with the programme and who have developed a passion for the sport is a testament to the influence that boxing can have on young people.  

Recently, two teenage boxers, Tafari Ebanks and Diego Rodriguez, who first went to the Cayman Islands Boxing Association gym through the after school programme returned from training with the Cuban Olympic team.  

They also participated in the Cardin Cup and Bolado Cup in Cuba which are elite competitions featuring the best boxers in the world. 

Tafari has also been appointed captain of the Cayman Islands national boxing team.  

It is the hope of the after school programme coordinators that Tafari’s story can inspire and motivate other kids to be just as driven. 

The boxing association is awarded a small grant from the Cayman Islands government but the majority of funding has to be raised directly by the association itself.  

The much needed infusion from DART will go a long way in providing young boxers the opportunity to learn about the sport and possibly pursue it seriously.  

“Programmes that combine youth and sports are vitally important for our community,” said Joanne Lawson of Dart Enterprises.  

“Sports develop the values of dedication, commitment and teamwork and teach time management and personal accountability.  

“These are values and skills which, when learned early on in life, establish a strong foundation for personal character and academics.  

“Dart believes the expansion of the After School Boxing Programme will help to encourage and grow the sport through increased capacity and youth participation.” 

To learn more about the boxing association’s fundraising needs or to make a contribution to help support the Extended After School Boxing Programme email Leyla Jackson at [email protected] or Terence Spencer at [email protected] 


The boxing after-school programme is extremely popular.–- PHOTO: SUBMITTED