Charges in fatal Prospect smash

A 26 –year-old man is charged with causing death by dangerous driving in connection with a fatal crash that happened last October in Prospect.
The suspect, who will not be named until he appears before the court, has been released on police bail for the time being.

The 28 October predawn smash killed 24-year-old Egbert Robinson.

The white Nissan the two men rode in crashed into a wall that Sunday around 3.45am on Mangrove Avenue just north of Shamrock Road in Grand Cayman, according to the Royal Cayman Islands 
Police Service. 

Mr. Robinson was a passenger on the left side of the vehicle, closest to the wall that was hit. It appeared that the Nissan had been travelling south on Mangrove Avenue when it veered into the wall. 

Medical personnel responded and found that the two men were trapped inside the vehicle. The passenger was pronounced dead upon arrival at Cayman Islands 
Hospital in George Town. 

The driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Jasmine Myles, who lives across the street from where the wreck happened, said she heard a loud bang around 3.30am Sunday, 28 October and came out to see what was going on. 

“That car was so mash-up they had to cut them out of it,” Mrs. Myles said, describing the catastrophic damage sustained by the Nissan.