Charges in Canadian tourist’s death

A 33-year-old woman has been charged and is due to appear in court in connection with a deadly crash on Grand Cayman that occurred 8 February, 2013.

The collision happened on West Bay Road in the vicinity of the Lone Star bar. The woman facing charges, a local yoga instructor, drove the vehicle that struck 66-year-old Canadian National Dan Marce, according to police.
The woman has been charged with DUI and was released on police bail pending her court appearance.

Mr. Marce, a Saskatchewan resident, was airlifted out of Cayman following the accident and died several days later with family members by his side.  

The driver was initially arrested on suspicion of DUI, but was not charged for another five months. 

Mr. Marce, who was visiting here, was hospitalised in critical condition with what police described as “serious head injuries”. He was later taken to a Florida hospital via air ambulance. 

A family friend told the Leader Post newspaper that Mr. Marce had broken “virtually everything” in the accident in Grand Cayman. The friend told the newspaper that Mr. Marce’s chest had caved in and his arms, legs, ribs, jaw and skull had been broken.



Mr. Marce


  1. DUI bears no mercy. People have no problem spending a pile of money on booze until they are too drunk to talk, yet they have a problem spending 10 on a cab. Think about it, a family now has no father/husband for the sake of 10. If this person is in fact found guilty, I hope they are appropriately treated. I fear that that the person might get a couple of years. Sounds fair don’t you think- a life for a couple of years.

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