Winds on waters Perfect tunes for the Caribbean

 Gordon Solomon and his wife Alta
are both very well known on the local art circuit as they are established
artists and display their works at a number of shows throughout the year.
However some may not realise that they are also accomplished singers and


They have just released their
latest collaborative effort – “Winds on waters” – on the independent label Art
Vibes; a label that Gordon started in 2006. The album is a collection of songs featuring a
range of genres with all songs either about the wind or the water, and features
Scott Childs, Samuel Rose, Sean Hennings and Jonathan Ebanks as contributing

Gordon is the lead vocalist on most of these original songs,
although Alta takes the microphone for “Cayman sky” and “Lost at sea”. The
Cayman Folk Singers are also featured on “Christmas Breeze”, a modern Caymanian
rhythm that covers the weather and environment of the Cayman Islands. 

The songs were composed over time, and then compiled to
create the theme of the album. “This is how we’ve always done it,” Gordon says.
“I write songs and then look at how they come together to form a theme.” 

Gordon began writing music when he was in high school and also
plays the guitar. Alta has always had an interest in music and can usually be
found on percussion when she isn’t singing. They hope that both their children
will inherit their love of music and art. 

Although the two do not perform on a regular basis – probably
because their art and family keep them pretty busy – they do appear at special
events and functions from time to time. 

“Winds on waters” is a great selection of music and a perfect
choice for a road trip around the islands. 


 Living in the Cayman Islands, Gordon and Alta are fourth and
seventh generation Caymanians respectively. They met in an artistic environment
in 1999 and married later in 2001. Since then they have been compiling poems,
songs and artistic exhibits together. 

Gordon Solomon and his wife Alta

Gordon Solomon and his wife Alta