Minister visits her departments

Embattled Cabinet Minister Tara Rivers has been visiting education services staff.

Ms Rivers, who is awaiting a Grand Court decision on whether she was eligible to run for political office in the 22 May election, visited the Cayman Islands Department of Education Services recently, where she met Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler to discuss the role of the department.

The minister, along with the councillor for the ministry, Winston Connolly, were then taken on a tour to meet departmental staff.

“It’s important that Councillor Connolly and I meet with the departments that fall under the ministry, to understand their responsibilities, workings and issues they face so that we can all work together to improve the services provided to the public,” Ms Rivers said.

“I thank the Chief Education Officer, Mrs. Wahler, and her staff for accommodating us and I look forward to further departmental meetings in the future.”

Mr. Connolly added, “I now have a better understanding of what occurs at the DES and how it interacts with the ministry. I look forward to working with the chief education officer and her team throughout the next four years.”

The pair also plan to visit the Cayman Islands Public Library Service, the Sunrise Adult Training Centre and the University College of the Cayman Islands, which is a statutory authority under the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs. They have already visited the Department of Labour and Pensions and the National Workforce Development Agency.