Editorial for August 1: Introducing our new columnists

We would like to introduce you to two of the best columnists writing in the United States – or, for that matter, anywhere in the world – and welcome them to our pages.

Beginning today, and regularly thereafter, the Caymanian Compass will be publishing thought and opinion pieces by George F. Will and Charles Krauthammer, both holders of the Pulitzer Prize for commentary and both, in their own right, television personalities.

It is our intent to add soon to our list of contributors a local commentator and a local cartoonist who will also appear regularly in these pages. Astute readers may have also noticed that The Compass now has permission to print all of the articles from The Washington Post, including all national and international news, sports, business, culture and the arts, and social commentary. We also recently purchased the rights to all material from Bloomberg News Service, Slate, and Foreign Affairs.

It is a personal pleasure to welcome George F. Will to these pages. Many years ago, the new Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Compass, David R. Legge, was Mr. Will’s hands-on editor on the editorial page of The Washington Post.

“He was the best and the brightest writer in America then, and I believe he still is today,” Mr. Legge said.

Born in Champaign, Illinois, Mr. Will graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and received a degree from Oxford University and a doctorate from Princeton. The author of many books (including “Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball”), he has taught political philosophy at Harvard University and appears weekly as a panellist on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”.

Upon hearing his column would appear in The Compass, Mr. Will wrote the following note:

Dear David Legge:

I am delighted to once again be edited – lightly, I hope – by you.
– George F. Will

Charles Krauthammer’s column is widely syndicated, appearing in 350 newspapers and media outlets worldwide.

Born in New York City, he attended McGill University and obtained an honours degree in political science and economics in 1970. He was a Commonwealth Scholar in politics at Oxford, later entering Harvard Medical School. He earned his medical degree in 1975 and later practiced as chief resident in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital.

After moving to Washington to direct psychiatric planning and research under the Carter Administration, Mr. Krauthammer was drawn to journalism and eventually changed careers to devote his efforts full-time to writing.

In 2006, the Financial Times called Mr. Krauthammer the most influential commentator in America. In addition to writing his syndicated column, Mr. Krauthammer appears nightly as a panellist on Fox News’s “Special Report with Bret Baier”. He is also a regular guest on “The O’Reilly Factor”, joining host Bill O’Reilly for political repartee.

By coincidence, both of our new columnists today are focusing on the causes and consequences of Detroit’s financial travails. They tell a cautionary tale that all of us – particularly government officials – would be well advised to consider.

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