Dolphins will be back to teach us

The Miami Dolphins are far from finished with Cayman’s youth.  

In fact, the Dolphins have plans for another youth football camp in the summer of 2014. The Youth Programmes Department for the NFL franchise felt encouraged by the feedback from its inaugural visit to the Cayman Islands last week. 

“This was an excellent first camp in the Cayman Islands,” said programme director Twan Russell. “The children were very receptive to football and I think they learned a lot in just two days.  

“I look forward to returning next year and continuing football education in the Grand Cayman.” 

Miami’s Cayman initiative is part of an innovative partnership with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism that began in 2012 with the goal of spreading awareness of the islands as a travel destination, while also increasing knowledge of football and physical fitness amongst the Caymanian youth. 

The Miami Dolphins youth programme’s mission is to emphasise the importance of education, physical fitness and positive choices for kids in a safe and fun environment. The programme’s vision is to prepare the next generation of leaders in staying physically active through junior training camps, youth football clinics and youth football camps. 

Miami conducted their first-ever youth football summer camp in Cayman with much fanfare as approximately 140 children participated. The two-day sessions were held in George Town, Grand Cayman at T.E. McField Sports Centre, commonly known as the Annex. Boys and girls, ages 6-14, took part in a variety of teaching drills and lessons that emphasised the fundamentals of football.  

The children were taught basic skills by eight former NFL players, including Dolphins alumni Troy Drayton, Sam Madison, James Brown, Lorenzo Hampton, Ed Perry, Derrick Rodgers and Oronde Gadsden. Former Kansas City Chief Donnell Bennett was also a coach at the camp. Drayton believes a foundation for a greater Cayman 
presence is in place.  

“I think the camp went really well. The interaction between the children and coaches was excellent,” Drayton said. “I think we are starting to build a foundation here.” 


Local children are in store for more training and drills with the Miami Dolphins.

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