Gunmen raid Savannah residence

Cops: Nighttime gathering was specifically targeted

A gang of armed men, wearing masks and camouflage gear, burst into a gathering at a home in Savannah in the early hours of Wednesday and stole cash and jewelry. 

All four of the robbers were said to be carrying handguns. They held up three individuals outside the home, escorted them back inside at gunpoint and forced everyone present to lie face down on the floor while they stole their belongings. 

There were around 10 people in the home at the time, understood to include at least one child. Initial police reports suggested the gunmen tied the hands of some of the victims during the raid, but investigating officers could not confirm this. 

Police believe the gathering was specifically targeted by the gang and detectives were attempting on Wednesday to interview all the witnesses. 

It is not clear what the purpose of the gathering was or why the home was targeted.  

Inspector Christsandra Dingwall Mitchell, deputy area commander for Bodden Town, said the investigation was still in the early stages. 

“We do believe that this particular house was the focus of their target and the public should not be unduly concerned for their safety,” she said. “We believe this to be an isolated case where this gathering was specifically targeted. We are following that line of inquiry.” 

She said the victims of the raid had been left shaken and promised that police would do everything in their power to bring the perpetrators to justice. No one was said to have sustained serious injuries during the robbery. 

“I think they (the victims) are going through an ordeal right now, they never believed something like this could happen,” Inspector Dingwall Mitchell said. 

Armed home invasions of this kind are believed to be relatively rare in the Cayman Islands, though burglaries are a common problem. 

Inspector Dingwall-Mitchell said this incident was particularly unusual.  

Outlining the facts of the case, she said: “In the early hours of Wednesday morning a resident in the Savannah area was escorting two of his guests outside of his home. 

“Four masked men approached and escorted them back inside. The homeowner and his guests were made to lie face down and they were searched and robbed of cash and jewelry. 

“All four suspects were carrying what appeared to be handguns and all four had Caymanian accents.” 

One of the men was described as being slim built, around 5 feet, 7 inches tall, with brown complexion and hairy arms. Another was described as short, dark, medium built with a large mouth. A third was said to be short with brown skin. No description was available for the fourth man. 


Anyone with information can call Bodden Town police station at 947-2240 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 800-TIPS (8477). 


  1. So sad. If government or the governor don’t try to end this now, it will be only a matter of time when the criminals will be kidnapping business owners or their kids and holding them for ransom (bigger payday). Can’t understand how these guys were able to move undetected even with our sophisticated CCTV? Where’s the value for cash paid on these cameras?

  2. Interesting statement inspector Mitchell said people should not be unduly concerned for their safety. Four men break into house with guns and people should not be concerned for their safety. She also said burglaries are a common problem. I think the inspector should chose her words a little more carefully.

  3. Pete Digiacomo. I think you are being a little bit hysterical, by the nature of this incident it is obviously a very rare occurrence, I for one don’t feel like I am at risk of a little man with hairy arms trying to rob me.

    Also, look for those quotation mark things. You will see the officer didn’t actually say burglaries are a common problem – though we all know they are, don’t go accusing people on account of your ignorance.

    Yes, it is a nasty crime and I hope they get caught and spend a long time in a prison far harsher than Northward, but don’t start panicking! As for ransoms and kidnappings … that is foolishness of the highest order.

  4. What planet are you living on Jenny? There has been one kidnapping already and for reasons unknown the kidnapper is living like King in Honduras!

  5. Hugh, point 1, Earth.

    Point 2 – you say only a matter of time, then you say it is already upon us. What is it?

    Kidnapping is rare, and in Cayman, always will be. Geographical issues, currency issues, suitable targets, suitable hiding places, well resourced police, relatively low levels of corruption…do I need to go on? All of these things combine to make it unlikely, not impossible, but highly unlikely.

    Seriously, I don’t feel at risk of being kidnapped. I feel more at risk when driving on a road and the likelihood of being hit by a drunk driver, or an idiot on their cell phone.

    I wouldn’t worry about the four fools in the story either. four people, means four times the chances of people letting secrets slip, it means four times the amount of trace evidence, it means when one slips up they will probably implicate others…I can guarantee at least one of these men is lacking in the brain department.

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