Nicholas McLean wins coveted gov’t employee of year award

Nicholas McLean, Information and Communications Technology systems administrator for the Department of Education, has received the Deputy Governor’s Employee of the Year Award. 

Acting Governor Franz Manderson presented the award last week. 

“I am very happy with the decision,” Mr. Manderson said, adding that the caliber of the nominees made the decision a difficult one. 

Mr. McLean was described as exemplifying all of the expectations of the ideal worker with a strong work ethic. He has never been absent from work, never missed a deadline and never received a negative report. 

“I am really humbled by the presentation of this award,” Mr. McLean said, adding that he knows “many civil servants who work hard, putting in long hours, that are also deserving of recognition.” 

Acting Deputy Governor Mary Rodrigues said she was proud of all the nominees but particularly Mr. McLean, who is one of her ministry’s own. 

Ms Rodrigues applauded the work of all civil servants with strong public sector values and said that the finalists were among the best upholders of their departments’ missions and visions. 

Mr. McLean, who works at John Gray High School, said it is rewarding to work with the staff and students, and he hopes they will take advantage of their access to technology. 

“I encourage each and every one of the students to make full use of all resources, ICT and otherwise, that are at their disposal for the enhancement of their school studies,” he said. 

Mr. McLean was chosen among 11 civil servants: Lyneth Monteith, Michael Myles and Robert Llamas from the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs; Michael Godfrey, Selburn Christian and Azzelia Watler from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development; Dausea Scott, Mark Luke and Tamara Hurlston from the Ministry of Home and Community Affairs; and Mark Orr from the Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce and Environment. 


From left, Mark Orr, Lyneth Monteith, Tamara Hurlston, Michael Myles, Robert Llamas, Deputy Governor Mary Rodrigues, Employee of the Year Nicholas McLean, Acting Governor Franz Manderson, Dausea Scott, Selburn Christian, Azzelia Watler, Michael Godfrey and Mark Luke.