Greenies and By Rite provide nucleus for Malaysia test

Cayman Islands 2013 League Champions Greenies and By Rite, the runners-up, have eight players each called up to train for the International Cricket Council World League Division 5 tournament.  

It will be held in Malaysia in February and March, the date is yet to be confirmed.  

Other countries involved are Malaysia, Tanzania, Guernsey, Jersey and Nigeria. Training began under senior team coach Pearson Best, who is assisted by Franklin Hinds.  

The squad is a mix of experience and youth providing the coaching staff with various options as they seek to step up to Division 4 and nearer the goals set in the association’s strategic plan. 

Senior players Steve Gordon, Ainsley Hall, Ryan Bovell, Kevin Bazil, Abali Hoilett and Ronald Ebanks join youngsters such as the Cato brothers Darren and Corey, Zachary McLaughlin, Ramon Sealy, Vincent Ebanks, Omar Willis, Patrick McConvey and Gregory Ebanks. 

The squad trains at the Smith Road Oval on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 


Ryan Bovell has been recalled to the squad. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD