Air con theft suspects in court

Five defendants charged in connection with the theft of 32 air conditioners from Crewe Road’s Cayman Contractors on June 16 appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday.

Appearing before Magistrate Valdis Foldats, each of the five – four men and one woman – was charged with one count of handling stolen goods, while Andre Woodman was also accused of burglary.

Court documents listed David Clare, Dona Tatum-Bennett, Omar Badou Robinson, Kendall Dervin Wood and Woodman as the defendants.

The charges stem from a late-night mid-June incident in which a range of air-conditioning units were stolen from Cayman Contractors.

Immediately prior to Tuesday’s scheduled court session, police announced the arrest of Woodman.

Clare told the court he was seeking legal aid, but still awaited a response.

Magistrate Voldats adjourned the hearing until Oct. 15.