Playground fight prompts investigation

Teenager allegedly struck child; threats reportedly made on social media

Reports that a 4-year-old child was struck by a relative of another child involved in a fight on a school playground are being investigated by police on Cayman Brac.  

Investigators are also looking into allegations that threats were made against the child on social media following the incident at West End Primary School last Wednesday. No arrests have been made. 

The incident was debated by politicians in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, with East End legislator Arden McLean expressing concern about “e-bullying.” 

A Royal Cayman Islands Police Service spokeswoman said two 4-year-olds were involved in a fight at the school around 3.45 p.m. The 19-year-old sister of one of the children allegedly entered the school grounds, intervened and struck the other child, 

The child was not injured but is being kept out of school following alleged threats made on social media, Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler said. 

“The school has been advised that very serious threats of physical harm have been made against a reception age child,” Ms Wahler told the Legislative Assembly. “The child has been removed from the school and the police have been advised.” 

She added, “There was an altercation between two reception-age children, one hit the other, teachers were present, the children were being escorted by their teacher to the dismissal gate at the school and observing the incident, an adult actually came into the school grounds and hit the child who she had observed slapping a child who was her relative. 

“From the school’s perspective, there are a couple of issues, the most important is ensuring the safety and protection of all children, even those children who may not always behave appropriately.”