UK overseas territories minister coming to Cayman

U.K. Overseas Territories Minister Mark Simmonds will arrive in Cayman this week for a very busy first visit to the islands.  

Mr. Simmonds, who replaced former overseas territories minister Henry Bellingham about a year ago, will start Tuesday having a breakfast meeting with Premier Alden McLaughlin.  

He’ll then meet with Cabinet to formalize an agreement regarding the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, listen to a presentation on the Health City Cayman Islands projects and entertain a meeting with Royal Cayman Islands Police officers.  

Lunch is scheduled with the young leaders, followed by a visit to the Cayman Islands Port and the Department of Environment.  

Tuesday night will bring a dinner reception hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.  

The visit takes place three weeks before the annual Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London and will focus on enhancing the relationship between the UK and Cayman Islands and promoting our shared agendas, according to Mr. Simmonds. 


Mr. Simmonds