Local Pioneers among scuba hall of famers


Capt. Gleason Ebanks and divemaster Norbert Scott will be recognized as local honorees in the International Scuba Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Marriott Beach Resort on Tuesday. 

The annual event, which recognizes dive enthusiasts who have dedicated their lives to developing the sport and the industry, will also honor a host of international scuba legends, including the 19th century French physiologist responsible for pioneering research on decompression sickness. 

Guy Harvey, the fisherman, artist and underwater videographer with strong links to Cayman, will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the event. Captain Ebanks and Mr. Scott will be recognized for their contribution to diving here. 

According to Captain Ebanks’s biography, produced by the Department of Tourism, the 85-year-old first fell in love with the ocean on turtling voyages to Nicaragua as a teenager. 

He later established his own boat business and began running fishing charters and beach lunches. 

Norbert Scott, who started diving in Little Cayman when he was 14 and has since made more than 15,000 dives, already has the distinction of having a dive site – Norbert’s Reef – named after him in the Brac. 

“His diving career spans 20 years during which he assisted setting up dive operations for Sam McCoy at Pirate’s Point and Craig Burns at Dive Tiara,” his biography states. 

The international inductees at this year’s event will be Paul Bert, the scientist who studied decompression sickness, Guy Harvey, Rolf Schmidt and Petra Roeglin, who have been running dive centers in the Red Sea for three decades, and Sam Davison, a designer and developer of early dive equipment. 

Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell said, “It is such an honor to have these pioneers inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. 

“Each of these individuals has made an impact on a very important industry to the Cayman Islands. Their work, and the work of the Hall of Famers before them, collectively speaks to the global participation in this ethereal sport. We are pleased that the Hall of Fame is thriving as we celebrate its 13th year, and hope that the efforts continue to be appreciated in the dive community locally and around the globe.” 


Capt. Ebanks


Mr. Scott