Freshmen lawmakers declare financial interests

Eight of the 18 members of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly are serving their “freshman year” in the islands’ highest elected office, and all of them, it appears, have filed register of interest forms with the clerk of the assembly.  

The Caymanian Compass took a look at all the new assembly members who registered their interests in land and business during the 2013 campaign nomination process.  


Bodden Town 

First-time lawmaker Wayne Panton listed a directorship interest in nine resident, nonexempt companies.  

Seven of the nine were listed as holding companies. They are HTR Ltd., Shelter Island Ltd., JP Holdings Ltd., 74A23 Ltd., Panton Investments Ltd., Slate Properties Ltd., and PG Properties Ltd. 

A property development company, Partner Ground Ltd., was listed among the directorships. In addition, Infinity Broadband – a licensed TV broadcaster and telecommunications firm – was listed.  

Shareholdings worth more than $25,000 held by Mr. Panton [or less than $25,000, but more than 1 percent of the listed company’s share capital] were listed as Panton Investments Ltd., Slate Properties Ltd., Partner Ground Ltd, PG Properties Ltd., and Infinity Broadband.  

Mr. Panton also reported a residential rented property in George Town south, four house lots in various areas and a residential property in Midland East.  

Mr. Panton’s fellow freshman legislator and Progressive party member Alva Suckoo reported directorships in two companies.  

They are Blue Bison Software Consultants Ltd. – a software developer, and Blue Bison Communications Ltd., a telecommunications company.  

Those two companies were also listed among Mr. Suckoo’s shareholdings, along with a third company, Bison Technologies Ltd., listed as a holding company.  

Mr. Suckoo listed one house lot he owns in West Bay south. 


George Town 

Independent lawmaker Winston Connolly, one of the four new legislators elected to George Town district this year, listed five directorships on his register of interests form.  

Three directorship services companies were Highwater Ltd., Highwater Partners Ltd., and Highwater Advisory Ltd. In addition, a personal holding company, Connolly Inc. Ltd. and a “domestic services” company, BMC Ltd., were listed.  

Shareholdings in three of the above firms, Highwater Partners, Connolly Inc. and BMC Ltd., were listed. Mr. Connolly listed one rental property in South Sound, Salt Creek, on the register form.  

Progressives party member and Finance Minister Marco Archer reported no directorships or shareholdings, but reported holding several properties in Spotts, West Bay north west, North Side and Breakers. 

Progressives backbencher Joey Hew reported two directorships.  

Hew’s Hotel and Restaurant Supplies was listed as a wholesale/merchant company, and a restaurant, MacDonald’s Chicken Delight was listed.  

Mr. Hew said he was “currently employed as managing director of Hew’s hotel and restaurant supplies.” He also listed a shareholding in MacDonald’s Chicken Delight. A 20 percent ownership in a Shedden Road property was also listed.  

Independent lawmaker Roy McTaggart listed two directorships. One Skylane Investments Ltd., a holding company. Another was in a dormant company called Learning Solutions. Shareholdings were reported in the same two companies. 

Mr. McTaggart was the only lawmaker to declare a gift on his register of interest form, from a company called CP Developments for the “use of office space for election campaign.” The Register of Interests Law requires candidates to declare gifts greater than $175.  

Mr. McTaggart also reported owning land in Little Cayman East and Spotts.  


West Bay 

New West Bay MLA and Education Minister Tara Rivers reported directorships in two companies.  

Eco Baby [Cayman] Ltd., an ordinary resident company, was reported. In addition, the United World Colleges [Cayman Islands] Nation Foundation, a scholarship foundation, was reported. A shareholding for Eco Baby was also listed.  

On her form, which was filed on April 9, prior to the general election, Ms Rivers listed herself as an employee of a local law firm. It was understood Ms Rivers ended that employment prior to taking office.  

Three parcels of “raw land” were also listed in West Bay on Ms Rivers’s form.  

United Democratic Party MLA Bernie Bush listed two directorships in Newbay Cayman Ltd. – an industrial supplies importer – and the Cayman Bakery. A note attached to the filing stating “the above companies have ceased trading for two years.”