Little change in veteran MLA interests

Cayman’s “old guard” in the Legislative Assembly listed various and numerous interests in locally owned companies on required register of interest disclosure forms.

On Monday, the Caymanian Compass reviewed the information filed by freshmen lawmakers.

The register of interests filings are required annually for public office holders, including elected Members of the Legislative Assembly, the deputy governor (formerly the chief secretary), the attorney general and the financial secretary.

Bodden Town

Health Minister Osbourne Bodden listed no directorships but did list “remunerated employment,” without specifying what the remuneration was for.

Mr. Bodden also listed ownership of a number of properties, including a fuel station in Bodden Town, a shop in George Town, a rental house in Bodden Town and some properties in Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

With the exception of the shop in George Town, all other properties were co-owned with his wife, Mr. Bodden stated.

Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden listed several properties that he owned, including one in Missouri and one in Colorado. Mr. Eden also listed a property in Breakers among his personal land holdings.

Although he did not list any directorships, Mr. Eden listed shareholdings in two companies: Cayman National Corp. and First Financial, a money transfer business.

George Town

Premier Alden McLaughlin listed remunerated employment from the law office he owns. He also listed property in Spotts in the land ownership section of the registry form.

Planning and Lands Minister Kurt Tibbetts listed two directorships: Double T Investments Ltd. (a property holdings company) and Prestige Printers Ltd.

Mr. Tibbetts listed a number of properties on the disclosure form, including seven parcels in Lower Valley and several in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Properties for Mr. Tibbetts were also listed in West Bay, Savannah and Spotts.

The George Town MLA also listed shareholdings in three companies: the property holdings and printing business and K & M trading Ltd. (a category B company).

West Bay

The LA’s longest-serving member, Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush, listed a directorship in Cambridge Real Estate, a real estate sales company from which he receives remuneration.

Mr. Bush also listed Windsor Development Corp., which he said is owned solely by his spouse. “I am a signatory to the company’s bank accounts,” he stated on the disclosure form.

Mr. Bush also listed three properties in West Bay, aside from his own home, in which he has an interest.

West Bay MLA Capt. Eugene Ebanks listed a directorship in Bayside water sports from which he receives remuneration.

Capt. Ebanks also listed several properties in West Bay and one in Bodden Town. He listed Conch Point rental units among the West Bay properties.

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell listed a bevy of directorships on his register of interests form.

The company directorships included: Air Kirkconnell Holdings (real estate), Bayside Ltd. (investment company), Brac Caribbean Club Ltd. (a condo development and management company), Brac Infomatics Centre Ltd. (disaster recovery), Brac Insurance Associates Ltd. (insurance brokerage), Carib Sands Ltd. (condo development), Carib Sands Management Ltd. (condo management), Cayman Brac Power and Light Co. (utility company), Island Realty Ltd. (real estate), Kirkconnell Investment and Development Company Ltd. (real estate and development), Kirkconnell Ltd. (retail), South Shore Construction Company Ltd. (construction and property management), Uptown Development Ltd. (real estate), and Zee Brac Ltd. (real estate).

He listed remunerated employment in a number of the directorship companies: Brac Caribbean, Brac Infomatics, Brac Insurance Associates, Carib Sands, Carib Sands Management, Cayman Brac Power and Light, Island Realty, Kirkconnell Investment and Development, Kirkconnell Ltd, South Shore Construction and Zee Brac Ltd.

Mr. Kirkconnell listed “woodland” owned in Cayman Brac (22 parcels) and Little Cayman (three parcels).

The deputy premier also listed shareholdings in the following: Air Kirkconnell, Brac Caribbean, Brac Insurance Associates, Bayside Ltd, Carib Sands, Carib Sands Management, Cayman Brac Power and Light, Island Realty Ltd., Kirkconnell Investment and Development Co., Kirkconnell Ltd., South Shore Construction Co., Uptown Development, and the Cayman Islands Civil Service Association Credit Union.

East End and North Side

East End MLA Arden McLean listed land holdings in North East Coast.

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller listed a directorship in NWF Ltd., a hardware, lumber and dry goods store.