Police arrest 11 in Christmas crackdown

Police officers arrested 11 people over the weekend in the annual Christmas road safety campaign. 

Eight of those were arrested for driving under the influence, two for driving while disqualified and one for driving without being qualified, according to a statement from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. 

The Stay Alive campaign kicked off on Friday, Nov. 29. 

Superintendent Adrian Seales, who is spearheading the campaign, said he was disappointed that so many people chose to ignore the warnings of the police.  

“How many times do we have to tell people that they will be caught?” he said. “Drinking and driving is endemic on this island. How hard can it be to designate a driver, or make alternative arrangements to get home? We are lucky that no-one was seriously injured, or worse, as a result of this stupid behavior.  

“In addition, do people who have either been disqualified or who aren’t qualified to drive honestly believe that they will get away with it? Being disqualified means that you have been caught, prosecuted and found guilty of a previous offence – clearly some people just don’t learn,” he said. 

Mr. Seales added, “It’s disgraceful and downright dangerous. People may not care about their own safety, but what does this say about how little they regard the safety of innocent road users?” 

The campaign will continue through the new year, until Jan. 5, 2014. 

As well as checking for drink driving and for disqualified drivers, police are also on the lookout for speeding, driving while using cellphones and failing to wear seatbelts, among other offenses. 

Throughout the campaign, police will set up road checks and have high visibility patrols near licensed premises.  

Including those arrested over the weekend, so far this year police have arrested 189 people for drink driving offences. As of Friday, there were 882 collisions reported in the Cayman Islands. Of those, 22 resulted in serious injury and six were fatal. 

Police said they would be providing updates on the Stay Alive campaign on a weekly basis. 


The RCIPS and the Streetskill road safety organization are issuing posters to remind drivers of how to stay safe on the roads this festive season.


  1. If RCIPS can do that on this occasion, why cant it be done on a regular basis. The fines should be so high that the taxi business would be a major industry keeping up with the increase in calls.I assume you cant renew your vehicle or your license with fines outstanding. Anyone know the answer?

  2. I notice that in your article it was suggested that the speed limit should be lowred. I don’t agree I think that what we need is drivers who need a labtomy which may give them access to some plain common sence. I went to town yesterday and saw young idiots dodging in and out of traffic at high speed not to mention the manner in which the roundabouts are abused. Round abouts are nor fast overtaking lanes they are meant to be approached cautiously. My UK Road Code says SLOW DOWN AND APPROACHED WITH CARE. Not to mention the lack of indicators use, what is so hard about using these which are right beside the stairing wheel.the police may like to give considration to this idea too just as they do to seat belt use!

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