Netclues becomes Trending.Info’s sales partner

Cayman Web-development firm Netclues will be the official Caribbean sales and marketing partner of Canadian owned and based social media technology company Trending.Info. 

Company officials met in Grand Cayman recently to formalize the partnership and discuss Caribbean growth strategy. 

“The deal is part of a strategic roll-out of Trending.Info social media technology that has already begun in North America, Australia, Netherlands and now the Caribbean,” said Paul West, Trending.Info’s vice president for business development. Netclues will act on the company’s behalf in the Caribbean by launching the social media technology on different islands and providing marketing and tech support within the region. 

Trending.Info selects and aggregates online social media posts, comments and tweets about particular communities or topics and presents them in a website format without the need to have social media accounts or specific knowledge. As such, the technology creates a digital sidewalk of social media buzz about a community or organization, which can be accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone. 

“This partnership is significant with the Caribbean and specifically the Cayman Islands as local marketers and businesses struggle to grasp relevance of social media for business,” said Jay Mehta, Netclues representative. “ bridges this gap bringing together geographically aggregated social media feeds within relevant classifications for marketers, businesses and community interest groups.” 

The Canadian company’s vision is to offer Trending.Info sites, such as, in major tourism destinations and specifically cruise ship ports where visitors want to connect with the local scene of arts, culture, food, sports, wellness and excursions. 

Trending.Info is supported by the Canadian Digital Media Network and its Soft-Landing Program that helps mature start-ups kick-start their international growth by helping them access a foreign market. Kevin Tuer, CDMN’s managing director adds that “international expansion is more important than ever as a driver of wealth and job creation. Our success to date demonstrates the tremendous impact that even a modest investment in global business development can have.” 

Netclues and Trending.Info plan to host a regional seminar about the social media technology in Grand Cayman early next year. 


Paul West, left, vice president business development at Trending.Info, and Jay Mehta, Netclues representative, sign the agreement.