Corbin had to PAWS to catch up

A new road run with a novelty twist was staged over the weekend and anyone who missed the fun atmosphere and opportunity to win prizes has a chance to do that this weekend in a similar run. 

The 2014 PAWS: Beat the Chaser was run over two miles at North Sound Golf Club and the PAWS 5k Chase is on this Saturday at the Lighthouse Restaurant, Breakers.  

Founded in 2010, PAWS (Protection of Animal Welfare Society) is a not-for-profit organization that relieves the suffering of animals in need of care and attention and provides financial assistance for spay and neuter.  

PAWS also assists needy families with veterinarian bills, hosts community free dog washes and provides dog kennels for animals in need. 

The 2 Mile Chase was in a protected venue off the main road designed for not just regular athletes but also families, so young and old can safely participate. Runners, walkers, scooters, strollers and dog walkers all joined in. 

To add a little flair and competition to the fun run, the organizers created a “Beat the Chaser” element.  

The whistle blew and everyone started. Seven minutes later, the chaser, Dominic Corbin began his race to the finish.  

All those who finished ahead of the elite athlete, who won last month’s Cayman half marathon, were entered into a raffle to win prizes.  

The same format is being applied for this Saturday’s race at the Lighthouse Restaurant, Breakers; beat the chaser and be entered into the prize raffle. 

The first three finishers on Saturday were Richard Kerr (13 minutes, 13 seconds) Ryan Kirkaldy (13:23) and Richard Bryan (13:30). 

Kym Bailey (14:23) won the ladies race, finishing seventh overall. Louise Nicholson (15:06) was the second woman to finish and Sue Merren (15:36) third. 

Having Corbin as the chaser gave the run some extra entertainment. Runners said they ran faster than usual to avoid being overtaken and it set this run apart from others. 

Having a chaser was a welcome change in the running community and allowed people to boast they beat the great Corbin. 

Holly Uzzell was one of the organizers. She said, “We did a lot of promotion for the event, so I was hoping for more runners, but it was a good number for our first event and we hope for more at this Saturday’s race.  

“Everyone said it was the best fun run they have done, well organized and they look forward to the next one.” 

A lot of prizes were given away. There was a 50/50 chance of winning, including Cayman Airways vouchers, staycations, nearly $1,000 in restaurant vouchers and more. This Saturday provides another chance to win more prizes and another challenge to beat the chaser, this time over a 5k distance, while supporting the PAWS charity. 

The start at Lighthouse Restaurant is at 7 a.m. Registration opens at 6:30 a.m. and costs $20. Corbin will be the chaser again. 

More than $1,200 was raised from the first race and hopes are that the same amount or more can be raised at the next one.  

Bailey said, “I sometimes find the shorter distances tougher as it takes a mile or so to get into your stride, then it’s over.  

“However, this race was really great fun, good atmosphere and having the threat of Dom chasing you certainly helped improve my time!” 

Bailey entered as she is a supporter of local animal charities. “We have a rescue cat that we have had since a kitten so appreciate the work these charities do. Also, working in the same office as Holly meant I got caught up in the excitement of the organizing of the race.” 

Bailey did some track at school and college and, although she is a fitness fanatic, hadn’t really run much since college until about a year ago.  

“I started doing competitive races a couple of months ago and have managed to come first in my age category in each race so far (this was my first overall female winner) so the pressure is on to maintain that now,” she said. 


The PAWS competitors prepare for the start whistle.


Richard Kerr won the first PAWS race.


Dominic Corbin will be chasing again on Saturday.