Six-year-old creates art from discarded bottle caps

Collecting seashells is a popular beach activity for many, but 6-year-old John Scully collects bottle caps from local beaches and turns them into art. 

On a 10-day visit to Grand Cayman over the Christmas and New Year holidays, John found more than 500 beer bottle caps scattered along Seven Mile Beach. He transformed the discarded beer caps into a colorful work of art. 

While the work showcased the boy’s creative talents, it is also an indictment of littering on local beaches.  

Dad John Scully said his son began collecting the beer caps to help “keep the beach clean and stop people from stepping on them.” 

John Junior, however, was looking on the bright side. “The best thing about collecting the bottle caps was that I had fun doing it and the colors look so cool,” he said.  

The Scully family, from Wilmette, Illinois – 14 miles north of Chicago’s downtown district – has been visiting relatives in the Cayman Islands over the past 10 years to escape the winter weather. 

When John Junior is not on the beach, he can be found drawing and painting in his room.  

Bottle cap boy artist

John Scully Jr.

Bottle cap boy artwork

This spiral piece of artwork is made of hundreds of bottle caps found on Seven Mile Beach. Six-year-old John Scully Jr., inset, combined cleaning the beach with his creative talents. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED


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