Government spends $19,000 for five members’ UK trip

The government spent $19,316.80 to send five representatives to the Overseas Joint Ministerial Council in London last November. 

The Council, hosted by Mark Simmonds, minister for the overseas territories at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, brought together political leaders from the overseas territories and U.K. ministers.  

Premier Alden McLaughlin made the trip, along with Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton, Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose, Joint Ministerial Council “Sherpa” Jennifer Ahearn and Eric Bush, Home Affairs chief officer. 

Air fares for the premier, Minister Panton, Mr. Rose and Ms Ahearn totaled $13,316.80. The Governor’s office paid air fare for Home Affairs Chief Officer Eric Bush.

Daily allowances for Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Bush, Ms Ahearn, Mr. Rose and Mr. Panton totaled $6,000, according to figures released by the government this week. 

The Joint Ministerial Council meets once a year to provide a forum for the exchange of views on political and constitutional issues. Among the matters discussed at the Nov. 25-29 meeting were strategies for promoting the security and good governance of all overseas territories, economic diversification, attracting investment, vocational education and employment, a press release issued by the government Wednesday said. 


  1. These numbers are tame compared to what the last administration spent. Don’t forget the trip the Brac Minister took, we shall never see spending like that again unless we lose our minds and put that last guy back in and I don’t see that happening in his life time. We are better then that.

  2. It wasn’t just the last administration that had spending issues, these current leader are tame because they are under the microscope. Cayman’s spending frenzy has been going on for a lot longer than the past 4-5 years..