Worried about windmill hazards

I wrote a letter some time ago in reference to the windmill on Queen’s Highway. It was in the middle of an election year, I consulted with various people, but I did not reach the proper authorities to deal with the issues involved with this construction. 

The windmill in question was constructed after consultation with only one local landowner, who resides primarily in the U.S. Year-round residents and other local landowners were not notified or consulted with about this construction in any manner. Local ordinance requires the Planning Department notify any local property owners of intended construction. This did not happen. 

Windmills are a source green energy, and along with solar energy, are clearly the future in energy supply, especially for an island nation such as the Cayman Islands. Installation of such energy-producing features does need to be regulated in a manner so that the production of this energy does not adversely affect the quality of life of the residents who live nearby. 

Windmills that run on a constant basis are known to be producers of a level of noise that adversely effects the quality of living for the people who live in the vicinity of the windmill. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that units shut down from 
9 p.m. to 9 a.m. in some residential areas, and shut down completely in other areas. 

We have a young democracy here in the Cayman Islands, but we also have the benefits of worldwide studies and research in this field. It is in the best interest for the long-term quality of life here on our islands that regulations on where and when windmills can be installed and can be operated are put into place. These regulations will facilitate the production of green energy for our residents while also keeping our quality of life high. In addition, the local wildlife is affected by these windmills and needs our protection, especially the local parrot population. 

Legislators need to take swift and decisive action to implement laws that will regulate the use and installation of windmills now, while the industry is in its infancy here on the islands. The present methods of oversight have no guidelines or rules to follow, and will lead to chaos across all three of our islands. 

It is in the best interest of all Cayman residents, year-round or vacation home owners, to have policies and regulations that will allow us all to live together in harmony, and to enjoy the beauty that the Cayman Islands provides to each and every resident and visitor every day. 


Ike Welcome 

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