Tutu girls have health at heart

Charities were at the center of the recent Off The Beaten Track 50K ultra-marathon. 

Among them was the Heart Health Centre’s quest to promote its “Heart Truth for Women” campaign. Sarah Superfine, along with Nandni Edwards, Kate Ure, Emily Hake, Tricia Miller and Keely Brewer placed 69th in the race with a time of six hours, 27 minutes, and 27 seconds.  

Superfine spoke about the goals of the campaign. “You may have seen the team in red tutus, that was my work team and we were promoting “Heart Truth for Women” as March is Heart Health month in Cayman,” she said. “Basically we wanted to raise awareness in the local community about heart disease being the leading cause of death for women in the Cayman Islands and worldwide. I certainly had lots of queries about the tutu on my leg of the race, which was great. Though I did have to thank another runner for helping to untangle me from a barbed wire fence we had to crawl through.” 

The two main charities to benefit from the race were Meals on Wheels in the Cayman Islands and Facing Africa, which organizes and funds teams of volunteer surgeons to do facial reconstruction on children whose faces have been destroyed by the disease Noma. 

Last Sunday’s race attracted more than 350 runners, who tackled remote brushland, beaches and rocky terrain. Of the individual runners, David Lim was the winner in 4:33:27, 10 minutes ahead of Samuel Young and Scott Ruby was third at 4:46:19. Helki Weber defended her ladies title in a time of 5:06:07, while Katrina McDermot and Kerri Kanuga tied for second place at 6:27:07. 

The team race was won by BDO CRI – made up of Andrew West, Hayden Ibister, JP Hanekom, Conrad Proud, Marius Acker and Mike McDonald. They finished in 3:45:13 with West being the first runner home. The first all-male team to finish was Phoenix Flashers – consisting of Samuel Young, Kendal Ebanks, Kramer Bell, DJ Evans, Paul Williams and Kevin Connolly – who were third at 3:58:35. PWC 6 Pack – consisting of Ric Agrella, Erik Fell, Delphi Scheepers, Ryne Staback, Mike Smith and Dave Lilley – won the corporate race.  

In all, there were 58 teams of six runners each and 19 individual runners took part. The race was designed to emulate the Marathon des Sables, billed as “the toughest footrace on Earth,” in which Off The Beaten track founder Kenneth Krys has taken part several times. 


The Heart Health Centre supporters impressed in their tutus. Back, from left, Sarah Superfine, Kate Ure and Nandni Edwards, and front, Emily Hake, Keely Brewer and Tricia Miller.


Andrew West was the first runner home.


Kevin Connolly raced well for Phoenix Flashers. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES

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