Ganja and rum found at prison

Prison officers at Northward found 4 pounds of ganja and six bottles of rum inside the prison’s perimeter on Wednesday. 

Supervisor of Security and intelligence Maxine Spalding said the items, along with a cellphone and USB charger, were found near the prison greenhouse. 

Prison officials said packages of contraband are being thrown over the two parallel 15-foot security fences which are topped with razor wire. 

“Members of the public who are caught committing such offences are subject to criminal prosecution, and inmates who intercept these packages lose remission time from their sentences,” a statement from the Prison Service read.  

According to the Prison Service, the prison’s perimeter camera system is currently being upgraded, “which will assist in identifying those guilty of these criminal acts.” 


Prison staff confiscated ganja, rum and a phone.


  1. More CCTV cameras need to be installed around the perimeter. Only way to ‘catch’ the culprits who keep throwing those ‘packages’ meant to be distributed among the cellmates.

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