Bise killer was freed days after murder


The man convicted this week of the 2008 murder of a Swiss banker in West Bay was originally arrested in connection with the killing several days after it occurred and then released.  

Chad Anglin, 34, will now serve a life sentence following the conviction by unanimous jury verdict in the Frederic Bise murder case.  

A former senior police investigator confirmed this week that officers were forced to release Anglin 12 days after his Feb. 14, 2008, arrest on suspicion of murder and possession of ganja because forensic evidence sent to a U.S. lab for testing had not been returned and there was not enough evidence to charge him.  

“The timing was 12 days that you could hold a person pending investigation and we hadn’t got back any forensics in the matter,” said Marlon Bodden, now an assistant customs collector. “We had to let him go; we didn’t get DNA tests back until June [2008].”  

Mr. Bodden said Anglin also had a number of other court-related matters pending against him at the time, but officers still were not legally allowed to hold him.  

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A statement about the arrest was released by the RCIPS Wednesday afternoon: “Chad Anglin was initially arrested by RCIPS detectives on 14th February 2008 for the homicide of Frederic Rene Bise. He was detained in police custody, interviewed and subsequently released on bail having denied any involvement. The detectives continued their investigation, and a file was submitted to the Legal Department for ruling who requested further inquiries.”  

According to court records, Anglin was arrested in June 2010 for the indecent assault and wounding of a woman in the Garvin Road area of West Bay.  

It was stated in court that the indecent assault involved forcing the victim to perform a sex act. The wounding related to a 4.7-inch laceration to the woman’s neck during the attack. In January 2011, then-Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay Hale said she was of the view that five years was the appropriate sentence, considering the totality of the offense, Anglin’s previous history, and the terror the victim experienced. 

Anglin was serving that five-year sentence in 2013 when detectives with the RCIPS Cold Case unit arrested him again, this time charging him for the murder of Mr. Bise. 

Mr. Bise, 40, was found in the trunk of a burning car on Feb. 8, 2008. Police said Mr. Bise suffered blunt force injuries to his head prior to being placed in the hatchback of the vehicle, a Mitsubishi Outlander, which was parked in the driveway of the Mount Pleasant Road home he rented.  

The car was set on fire in an apparent attempt to cover up the killing, police said at the time.  

Speaking at a press briefing at police headquarters in George Town in October 2013, RCIPS Inspector Dennis Walkington said “another man” – who was not identified by police – had been arrested at the time in connection with the killing.  

“Yes, there was somebody arrested and that person was never charged,” said Mr. Walkington. Mr. Bodden confirmed Wednesday that person was Anglin.  

Until October 2013, no other arrests had been made in connection with the Bise killing.  

Officers with the RCIPS Cold Case unit reviewed more than 100 statements in connection with the case both here and overseas in a follow-up investigation that lasted 20 months. “The Bise family has been kept fully updated throughout the review process,” Mr. Walkington said last year. “They have shown remarkable resolve and courage and we are pleased that they will now see those responsible brought before the court.  

“This is the first case which has been reviewed by the Cold Case unit and we can assure the communities of the Cayman Islands that it will be first case of many.” 


Frederic Bise’s vehicle was set on fire outside a home on Mount Pleasant Road in early February 2008.
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