KPMG account for Walkers to maintain perfect service

Competitive tennis at the Ritz-Carlton courts is a relatively new format and it seems that it should have been introduced sooner, judging by its growing interest.  

The fourth season of the two corporate leagues, created by Thomas Neuert, director of tennis at Ritz-Carlton, has just finished and in the A division once again KPMG were victorious. They have won all four times, beating Walkers last Thursday for that coveted title.  

In the women’s match, Walkers’ Caroline Heal and Manisha Jha beat KPMG’s Kelly Fiebig and Bianca Brown 6-2, 6-1. 

In the any combination match, KPMG’s Irina Blocher and Martin Steyn defeated Theo Lefkos and Hugh Anderson 6-1, 6-3. 

In the men’s match, KPMG’s Chris Van De Water and Alex Johnson overcame Nikhil Jha and his father Mahendra Jha 6-7 (2-7), 6-2, and won the third set tie break 10-8.  

The matches were split 1-1 and it came down to the deciding men’s match. Walkers were 8-2 up in the tie-break but KPMG fought back for a worthy victory.  

Walkers beat KPMG in the regular season, but could not finish them off in the finals.  

There are eight teams in both leagues and about 200 players. The B league final was played last Tuesday and team Harmonic won 2-1 against Uni-Centre, a combined team from Uniregistry and Security Centre. 

“Every season is getting more and more competitive with a lot of talent,” said Jill Litrenta, lead tennis attendant. “Everyone seems to really enjoy the league as it is a fun social activity as well with many teams staying after their matches to have a beer or two.”  

The next season starts in late September or early October and they are hoping to have 18 teams again, the maximum number the league can hold.  

The previous week, Team Italy won the 2014 World Cup of Tennis by beating Team South Africa in the final. 


Thomas Neuert created the corporate league.


KPMG retained the Magnum Cup, from left, Alex Johnson, Chris Van De Water, Irina Blocher, Kelly Fiebeg, Martin Steyn, Bianca Brown. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD