Literacy workshops held during Child Month

Children, parents and teachers got together during Child Month in May to help children build skills in learning to read. 

Charitable organization Literacy Is For Everyone, or LIFE, ran three one-off workshops at Sir John A. Cumber, George Town and Prospect primary schools.  

The Partners in Print workshops are part of a program in which parents, teachers, and children work together to develop skills and strategies to improve the literacy of children aged 4 to 7 years. More than 75 parents and grandparents attended the three workshops.  

George Town Primary’s literacy coach, Sarah Douglas, said the program gives educators a chance to “explain and model specific strategies to support literacy development” and gives parents a supportive environment in which to practice the strategies. 

Faedrene McLaughlin, a teacher at Sir John A. Cumber Primary, said the program helped parents appreciate the value of reading.  

During the school year, LIFE hosted workshops in nine of the 10 government primary schools.  

“Seeing the smiling faces on those little kids while pleasing both their parents and their teachers was fantastic,” said LIFE chairman Woody Foster. “Hearing the parents at the end of the event saying that they enjoyed the program and took home some good tips was the icing on the cake.”  


The LIFE program in action at the Sir John A Cumber Primary School in West Bay.