Not enough pizza, woman kicks in door

Court orders anger management course

A woman who admitted two offenses of damage to property was ordered to complete an anger management program and pay $448 compensation because of a piece of pizza. 

“It’s a very expensive slice of pizza,” Magistrate Grace Donalds told Theresa O’Connor last week.  

The offenses occurred in August 2013 at Delroy’s Esso Gas Station. A summary of the incident as submitted by the crown indicated that O’Connor went to the gas station and ordered two slices of pizza. She was informed there was only one slice left and staff would not be making any more. 

She became irate and started cursing the staff. She then struck a display of styrofoam Igloo boxes, causing damage to a value of $34. 

She left the station store but turned around and went back. When she tried to open the door, it was locked. She kicked it, breaking the glass and injuring her leg in the process. Damage to the door was $414. 

Police attended and viewed the incident on the station’s CCTV. They recorded statements from staff, and O’Connor was subsequently arrested. 

After her guilty pleas, the court had ordered a social inquiry report. Following its recommendations, the magistrate sentenced O’Connor to probation, with conditions that she pay compensation, perform 80 hours of community service, complete the anger management program and submit to random drug and alcohol testing. The defendant was apologetic and agreed to the conditions.