Moment to remember for Clifton Hunter graduates


Students at Clifton Hunter High School celebrated their graduation in style in a fun-filled student-led ceremony. 

A total of 161 graduates met the new minimum standard to graduate, achieving level one diplomas or better. 

Of the 2014 graduating class 69 got level one diplomas – meaning they achieved at least five GCSE/CXC passes, including Math and English.  

A further 54 got level two diplomas – five passes at grade C or higher. This figure included 27 who got level two diplomas with honors (seven passes at C or higher) and 13 who got high honors (nine passes at grade B or higher). 

Those results are primarily based on last year’s exams, and do not yet include further exams taken at CIFEC in year 12. The full results, including this year’s exam performances, will be released in August.  

There were also 38 graduates from the class of 2013, who got “returning honors” for achieving seven level two passes. 

The master of ceremonies for the event were head boy and head girl of the graduating class Bruce Gordon and Loshana Lopez-Francis, who passed on the torch to current head boy and head girl David Forbes and Tanesa Richards during the event. 

Tahj Lewis won the student of the year award for outstanding academic performance over the past three years as well as his excellence in extracurricular and sporting activities. 

Principal Pauline Beckford said, “This has been an exceptional group of students and they have achieved some excellent results. I’m sure some will go on to be the future leaders of Cayman.” 

She said the results were among the best the school had ever seen and thanked staff, parents and the PTA for helping contribute to the success. 

Ms. Beckford added that it was the students who had led the graduation ceremony, helping to make it a success. 

The event last month also included a speech from Roy Bodden, president of the University College of the Cayman Islands, and an entertaining “graduates reply” from Minelli Tibbetts. 

Award recipients 

Subject Awards: Building Technology (Construction) – Chase Green; Music – Bruce Gordon; Drama – Henry Hill and Tristina Robinson; Art – Alexis McDonald; Business – Kendra Rankin; English Literature – Jamara Bodden; English Language, Mathematics, Spanish – Loshana Lopez-Francis; Humanities – Ciara Henry; Technology – Diarra Hoyte; Information Technology – Tahj Lewis; Accounts – Schizandra Porter; Home Economics – Christina Rivers; Science – Minelli Tibetts 

Special Awards: Ethics Award – Diarra Hoyte and Jamara Bodden; Leadership Award – Juana Amador and Bruce Gordon; Christian Character Award – Juana Amador; Governor’s Achievement (Most Improved Student) – Alma Chollette-Lopez; Outstanding Community Service Award – Juana Amador and Shane Chung; SOY Medallion Award – Gabrielle David, Alma Chollette-Lopez and Kamar Scott; Head Boy and Girl Award – Loshana Lopez-Francis, Bruce Gordon; Sportsmanship Awards – Rochelle Gardner and Tahj Lewis. 

Highest Averages, External Examinations: Juana Amador; Jamara Bodden; Rochelle Gardner; Ciara Henry; Diarra Hoyte; Tahj Lewis; Loshana Lopez-Francis; Schizandra Porter; Christina Rivers; Minelli Tibbetts; Aolani Watson; and Raheem Wilson. 

Academic Excellence (Top Academic Student) – Diarra Hoyte. 

Student of the Year – Tahj Lewis. 


We made it! Clifton Hunter students celebrate their graduation.


Passing of the torch: Graduating head boy and girl, Bruce Gordon and Loshana Lopez-Francis pass on the responsibility to current head boy and girl David Forbes and Tanesa Richards.

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