Dart launches wellness program

Some 200 Dart Cayman employees have signed up for a new wellness program, VirginPulse, which is part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

The Web-based program has reached more than 1 million employees worldwide and is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging, measuring, and rewarding physical activity.

“At Dart, our employees are our most important asset. Healthy employees are more energetic, focused and driven in both their personal lives and work environment,” said Kim Wallace-Watler, senior manager, human capital services.

“Equally the positive outcomes for our company include healthier employees who are better equipped to manage health or illness concerns, decreased absenteeism, increased engagement, and ultimately the goal of achieving reductions in health insurance premium costs. Therefore, the value of these behavior changes are tremendous to both sides,” she added.

Outfitted with pedometers called “max” devices, Dart employees can sign in to VirginPulse’s multiplatform online health portal to monitor the number of steps taken, calorie intake, distance walked and other health-related activities.

“Fortunately for us, our employees respond exceedingly well to group and team-driven health initiatives, so VirginPulse appeals to the majority and definitely works for us,” Ms. Wallace-Watler said.

“This award winning program offers an innovative daily outreach that provides a holistic approach to all areas of wellness in our employees’ lives. We’re hoping to see more companies in the community join this philosophy of wellness going forward,” she said.

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