Gunmen details emerge in murder trial

The trial of Brian Emmanuel Borden and David Joseph Tamasa continued on Wednesday with Mayra Ebanks, girlfriend of murder victim Robert Mackford Bush, concluding her evidence via video link.

The crown’s case is that Borden was one of two gunmen who fatally shot Mr. Bush on Sept. 13, 2011.

Lead prosecutor Andrew Radcliffe earlier identified the second gunman as Keith Montaque, who, he indicated was last seen in Jamaica. He explained Tamasa’s role was as the supplier of the ammunition used.

When questioned by Borden’s defense counsel Trevor Burke, Ms. Ebanks acknowledged that when a friend at the scene asked her if she knew who shot Mr. Bush, she had said no. She agreed that she later told police she believed one of the gunmen was Andrew Baptiste, who was shot and killed a few days after Mr. Bush.

Prior to her evidence, police officer Jonathan Horner told the court he had seen Mr. Baptiste with three men at a car outside Kelly’s Bar in West Bay on the night of the shooting. Mr. Baptiste had a white T-shirt wrapped around his head.

At 11:21 p.m., he responded to a report of a shooting. En route to the scene, he again saw the three men and Mr. Baptiste at the bar, he said. The bar was 30 seconds from the scene of the shooting, he estimated.

Ms. Ebanks told the court she did not see the gunmen’s faces because they had shirts wrapped around their heads.

She said that as she was waiting for Mr. Bush, she saw Jordan Manderson walk up Birch Tree Hill Road with David Ebanks. Mr. Manderson was wearing camouflage pants, a white top and a red cap. Mr. Ebanks was wearing a red jacket with long sleeves, she said.

After Mr. Bush arrived, Ms. Ebanks said she saw two men run toward his car. One was wearing a red top, but it was plain red while Mr. Ebanks’s had a white design on it. This gunman was wearing camouflage pants, while Mr. Ebanks had been wearing short jeans. The second gunman wore a camouflage jacket.

She agreed that Mr. Manderson and David did not return to the scene after the shooting.

Asked about photos from her camera that showed Borden with a gun, she said her cousin had taken them around December 2010. Asked about photos of guns on her cell phone, she said she would copy other people’s BBM profile pictures to her phone.

She denied that any boyfriend had ever asked her to store a firearm in her apartment. She agreed that her former boyfriends, Mark Jefferson and Carlo Webster, had been shot and killed before Mr. Bush.

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