Former girlfriend gives evidence in Jeffers murder trial

The former girlfriend of Raziel Jeffers told a Grand Court jury in his murder trial that she picked him up close to the scene of the fatal shooting of Marcos Duran minutes after he was killed.

Megan Martinez claims Jeffers told her he didn’t know what happened, “all he knew was the numbers man was dead.”

She said he had summoned her to the scene from a hair salon in a series of panicked phone calls, with the sound of police sirens clearly audible in the background.

Ms. Martinez said she had traveled with her hairdresser and her infant son to find Jeffers waiting in the bushes on Ebanks Road in West Bay, near where the killing took place.

She claims they dropped him off in another part of West Bay and later she and Jeffers went to a condo in Ocean Club. She said he was desperately trying to contact his accomplices to find out “how everything got so messed up.” She said he made a series of calls but couldn’t get through to anyone. Eventually he took the chip out of the phone and put it on the fridge.

She said he told her in a later conversation details of his role in the robbery that led to Mr. Duran’s death.

She said Jeffers told her he had been watching television with her aunt inside the house on Maliwinas Way while three of his accomplices waited nearby. He had alerted them by phone when Mr. Duran – a regular visitor to the home to make cash pickups for the lottery game – stopped by. He had called them again, she said, as the numbers man was leaving.

“When he came out of my aunt’s house, he saw the poor numbers man slumped on the floor. He said there was blood pooling and he had to jump over a pool of blood to get out.”

She said he told her he ran around the side of the building and called her to pick him up.

In a conversation the following day, Ms. Martinez said, Jeffers told her what his accomplices in the robbery, who she named as Joshua, Pinga and Austin, had told him about how the attempted robbery went wrong.

She said the three men had confronted Mr. Duran on the stairs while Jeffers was still inside the upstairs apartment.

“He [Mr. Duran] got frightened. They were wearing masks. Joshua had a devil’s mask on,” she said.

She said the numbers man had tried to wrestle the gun from Pinga when the gun went off and shot him in the leg. Joshua then shot the numbers man with a different gun, she said, and they helped their injured accomplice down the stairs and into a waiting vehicle.

She testified that Jeffers had previously mentioned a plan to rob the numbers man.

The Crown acknowledges that Jeffers may not have personally shot Mr. Duran, but prosecutors say he is culpable in law for the murder because he organized and then aided and abetted the robbery.

Jeffers denies the charges, and the trial continues.