Man gets nine-plus years for importing cocaine

A man who imported cocaine into Cayman from Colombia in speakers and in fake shoe insoles has been sentenced to nine years and six months imprisonment.

Limborn Collin Hoy Myles was sentenced last week after pleading guilty to importing 33.5 ounces of cocaine. He also pleaded guilty to importing 13 ounces of the drug that had been brought in unknowingly by another passenger.

For the second offense he received no separate penalty.

Myles, 24, admitted bringing cocaine into Cayman on a charter flight from San Andres, Colombia, on April 17, in packages made up of adhesive tape, black paper and layers of clear plastic film, shaped like shoe insoles. Two packages were in the sneakers he was wearing and two others were in sneakers in his bag.

He also pleaded guilty to importing another 13 ounces in luggage brought in by another passenger, Shelin Pomare Pedroza. Crown Counsel Kenneth Ferguson offered no evidence against Pedroza and she was discharged.

Defense attorney John Furniss had repeated Pedroza’s account of what happened when she first came to court.

She said a man in Colombia had asked her to carry a bag to his mother, who lives in Cayman. Pedroza looked in the bag and saw bread and items of clothing. She put the bag through the X-ray in San Andres before boarding the flight.

In Cayman, while waiting in line at Immigration, she saw Myles, the brother of the man who had asked her to take the bag. She asked Myles to take the bag to the mother, but he told her to wait until they got outside. When the bag was inspected, it was found to contain speakers under the clothing; the cocaine was inside the speakers, the court heard.

Pedroza, 25, spent a week in custody before her first court appearance. She was then granted bail after her mother’s employer agreed to stand as surety.

In Magistrate Grace Donalds’ court last week, attorney Prathna Bodden said Myles had brought the cocaine to Cayman because of threats made against his family members, but they did not amount to duress. After sentence was passed, she gave oral notice of appeal.