CrossFit run will help Hannah

CrossFit 7 Mile’s athletes are extremely busy as events pile up in the next few months before everything winds down for Christmas.  

Triathletes, footballers, rugby players and road runners complement their specific sports programs with CrossFit and the 7 Mile gym on West Bay Road has a constant stream of enthusiasts.  

Many will be turning out for CrossFit 7 Mile’s inaugural 5 kilometer charity run this Saturday, Oct. 4. It is at Camana Bay, starting in front of the CISCO building and loops around the complex twice. Entry is $15 and it starts at 7 a.m. Registration can be made before the race.  

Heroes for Hannah 

They are raising money for the Heroes For Hannah campaign, to help raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer researched, inspired by 7-year-old cancer patient Hannah Meeson. 

Supporters at Heroes For Hannah fundraising events shave their heads to help raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer, but happily hirsute people will be relieved to learn that this is not compulsory at the 5k run.  

Hannah has been battling anaplastic medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, for three years. Funds raised for Heroes for Hannah go to the St. Baldrick’s Cancer Research Center, a U.S.-based charity that funds child cancer research.  

CrossFit 7 Mile head coach Chris Spigner has already shaved his head in support.  

Throwdown competition 

CrossFit 7 Mile is planning another Throwdown competition soon. Throwdowns there are informal competitions between the gym’s keenest members and anyone wanting to test themselves in various disciplines. Athletes from CrossFit Cayman and CrossFit Muscle Beach also compete.  

Last week, CrossFit 7 Mile held a Bring a Friend Day and over 60 new athletes attended which boosted the membership.  

The athletes are in the middle of the current Whole Life Challenge, an eight-week nutritional and lifestyle program to encourage athletes to eat better and promote well being.  

“So far we’ve seen a lot of positive results from the Whole Life Challenge,” said Spigner. “It also gives you lifestyle tips for things you do outside the gym, to help de-stress and make sure you get some personal time for yourself. It’s been really good so far.”  

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Mike Smith, Ben Taylor and Corey Miller are regulars at CrossFit 7 Mile. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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