Bush: Opponents have used all their ‘conspiratorial ammunition’

This written statement was issued to the media by McKeeva Bush following the delivery of the unanimous not guilty verdict by the jury. 

My friends, today I have seen the goodness of the Almighty. I wish to thank my many friends and supporters who stood by me through what has been three years of unrelenting investigations, unsupported allegations and press releases. I indicated from the very start that I had done nothing wrong and that these charges were nothing more than the result of a conspiracy to remove me from power and had no basis whatsoever. 

I would like to thank my pastor, the Reverend Brenda Wallick, and all the other pastors, indeed my church family who have stood by me in these very difficult times and who believed in the truth throughout. 

I also wish to thank my wife who suffered the indignity of a raid on my family home and her personal possessions being scattered on the floor by numerous police officers. The effect of me being wrongly accused and charged has severely affected her health. Despite adversities, she has stood by me, and her love and quiet support for me and the people of our islands through 40 years of marriage has given me the strength to fight on.  

Words cannot express my deep gratitude to Mr. Geoffrey Cox Q.C., Mr. William Frain-Bell, Mr. Ramon Alberga Q.C., Michael Alberga, the staff of Travers Thorp Alberga, for being so caring, competent and professional, and Mr. Steve McField for his role as an advisor in these matters.  

The legal team has worked long and hard, 14 to 18 hours a day for months to prepare this case. Their advice and counsel has been greatly appreciated. I am very grateful to the jurors who carefully listened to the evidence and after due consideration saw clearly that I had done nothing wrong.  

A special thanks to Tessa Bodden, chairperson of our party, for believing in us and being there for me. To my colleagues, Captain Eugene Ebanks, Mike Adams, Ellio Solomon and Bernie Bush, and the entire District Council for West Bay, who have continued to work diligently for the betterment of our country and our people and who have stuck by me despite the rumors, allegations, and plots from the highest authorities in our country. 

Probably one of the most difficult parts of the preparation of this entire case was the consideration by me of the legal advice which I was given that there was no requirement for me to give evidence. My legal team advised me that under the common law system that it was for the Crown to prove their case and that the evidence as it stood at the end of their case did not establish that I had done anything wrong and that there was no requirement for me to give any evidence. I thought long and hard about this, prayed for guidance as I wanted to tell the story of what occurred. I reserve that for another day. 

Despite the stress, severe financial losses, the difficulties and the embarrassment which I have had to endure and the damage which has been done to the people of this country, there are three very positive aspects which have resulted from this very unfortunate event. 

Firstly, that I have been the most investigated person in the Western Hemisphere. For three-and-a-half years, the powers that be investigated every aspect of my life from when I was 13 years old.  

They took my bank accounts, my business documents, my travel records, my credit cards, tapped my phones, monitored my communications, and those of my friends, with sophisticated equipment, some from mobile units which mysteriously disappeared, and they have been unable to find anything that I have done which is unlawful.  

My opponents, who participated in the conspiracy and encouraged it for the purposes of removing me from my democratically elected position as premier, have used all their conspiratorial ammunition. They will now have to participate in the next election, not on conspiratorial theories against me, but by providing the people a clear and precise path as to their policies and how they intend to enhance our economy, provide an inclusive working environment for all those who participate in the growth of our economy and how they intend to provide jobs and opportunities for our future generations so that they may enjoy a reasonable standard of living. This has been the policy of my party which we have pursued over many years and as is now clearly evident, has provided an outstanding standard of living for the people of our country.  

Secondly, that the impression and indication that the people of Cayman, our hard working civil servants, and our elected representatives are the ones who are corrupt and abuse their power has been dispelled. The concentration of power in the hands of the appointed, not the elected, requires careful examination and oversight. 

Thirdly, the British system of democracy with hundreds of years of history, which was carefully designed which checks and balances to limit the accumulation of all powers in the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary, falling into the hands of a few, whether they be elected or appointed, has again proven itself.  

Unfortunately, despite the concentration of power among the appointed and the wanton abuses which I, and no doubt others, have suffered as a result of the same, our judicial system has remained independent and our common law system of justice with its checks and balances to protect the public from this kind of abusive behavior has proven itself once more. 

It is my hope that our democracy will be strengthened by the parts of our press which remain independent, and they will be encouraged to engage in a more critical analysis of allegations of abuse and corruption, which are clearly political in nature. A free and non-political press is an essential part of the maintenance of a democracy.  

Again, I wish to thank my supporters, my family, my friends, and my legal team. I will continue to represent the people, the investors, the friends of these islands and many different parts of the world, all of whom make up and contribute to our diverse community. 

This is a time for reflection. The events which have occurred are not an indictment of any particular nationality. They are isolated abuses of power by U.K. appointed representatives which unfortunately continue to reoccur in our islands and hopefully, in the near future, the necessary checks and balances will be restored.  

We need to re-establish the partnership between the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom, which existed on the basis of mutual trust, cooperation, clarity of purpose, and I stand ready and willing to participate in that process.  


  1. It might be too much to ask for the nature of the relationship between the UK and the Cayman Islands to be based on mutual trust, cooperation, and clarity of purpose. That, for many people, has not been what they perceive as the historical position and the UK for its part most likely looks at the Cayman Islands as more of a competitor than a partner.

    While many UK citizens have contributed to the development and success of the local financial services sector what you don’t often see is any of these individuals or companies publicly defending the Cayman Islands or the financial services sector that they helped to create. In fact what we have witnessed in recent times is that when the going gets tough many of these foreign individuals and companies simply move to other locations.

    Such is the reality of life and is the reason why it is important for the government to focus on the growth and success of the local companies that will stick around in the good times and the bad times.

  2. Mark Boland your words are very true. I do not know what is wrong with the English people why they are so stiff necked and unfriendly. Although I have worked with a few and have found them to be ok, most are strange and make me wonder if they are the true Romans the bible speak about.
    What Cayman does not know is that Mr Bush has been a target from long time. I remember in the year 1991 some 23 years ago, I came upon a letter written by an Englishman at the Cayman Islands Law School library which was located in the Tower building, and this letter was addressed to a bank manager at one of the Local Banks with cynical words and plots. I should have given up the letter to Mr Bush so that from then he would know who to trust. God help us.

  3. Mack, the harsh reality is that many of my fellow countrymen are out and out bigots. I’ve heard opinions expressed by fellow Brits about native Caymanians that are simply disgraceful. A now retired senior RCIPS officer referred to them as people who had just come down out of the trees and several of the Tempura team made comments (Burmon Scott was one target) that equally nasty. I’m also sure similar racist attitudes exist in the predominantly white ranks of the FCO.

    If we are going down the conspiracy road it’s curious to watch the follow up to this in the foreign media. This story has, although it is in the New York Times today, so far made very little impact outside the Caribbean. Whilst the BBC ran a fairly detailed story on McKeeva’s arrest they have as yet run nothing on his acquittal and none of my UK contacts have so far shown any interest. Is this the FCO pulling strings?

    As for mutual trust? Personally I wouldn’t trust anyone in the FCO as far as I could throw them.

    Sadly, this all looks to me just like a continuation of the Tempura farce.

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