George Town kids netted more fun

George Town Primary kids are having a blast with introductory tennis lessons this term.

KPMG is sponsoring weekly tennis lessons at the capital’s primary school for children from Year One and Year Three.

Chief coach is Noel Watkins of Cayman Tennis Academy, assisted by the George Town school’s physical education teacher Amanda Henry.

For the 5- and 6-year-olds, lessons are broken down into such exercises as throwing, catching and bouncing balls on the racquets, all of which contribute to better hand-eye coordination, muscle control, speed and agility.

Tennis is taught using mini portable nets, small light racquets and slow-bouncing balls, all designed to allow young children to pick up the sport quickly and easily.

“The kids are doing really well,” reports Watkins. “They are full of enthusiasm, and many are showing great potential. They are all enjoying the lessons and having lots of fun along the way. Without the efforts of the tennis federation and the funding from KPMG, the children at George Town Primary might not be exposed to the game of tennis, which would be a shame given the inherent talent evident in some of the kids.”

The Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands is organizing the lessons. Its president, Eliza Harford, said, “For children, one of the most important things in their lives is to find something they’re good at and they love to do. And for some children, that thing is going to be a sport. And finding a sport they love early on can have a hugely positive impact on how they feel about life and how they view themselves.”

Harford noted that George Town Primary principal Marie Martin has been supportive of the KPMG tennis program and sorted out logistics to ensure it runs smoothly.

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