Students meet TV actress

Students in schools throughout Cayman have been meeting this week with actress Andrea Lewis. 

The 29-year-old actress and singer, known for her role on the TV show “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” has been giving inspirational talks to students during her visit to the island. 

On Tuesday afternoon, the Canadian-born Lewis went to Cayman Islands Further Education Centre where students asked her dozens of questions about her life, her job in television and her fellow actors. 

Student Krystal Morales-Ebanks inquired how Ms. Lewis felt during her first performance and whether she was shy or confident. 

“I was shy during my early teens, but forced myself out of my shyness,” Ms. Lewis said, explaining her most nerve-wracking experience of having to preform for only two people. “Performing for a room full of people is less intimidating.”  

“Do you meet lots of celebrities?” one student asked.  

“I get to meet [lots] of celebrities,” Ms. Lewis replied, and the student said, “We can be best friends.” 

Ms. Lewis landed her first gig in television as a mere toddler. She started off with commercial advertising and moved on to movies and television series. She has also released two music albums with a third due out in late 2014. 

“Making the transition from teen to adulthood in the industry is not that easy,” she said. “It required taking more lessons and learning more about the career…fortunately, I took advantage of the Internet and found similar people with the same interest…it was about career and self motivation.”  

Some students said they wanted to pursue careers in song writing, producing, rapping and acting. “It’s lots of risk when it comes to the entertainment industry,” she said, adding that there are also many jobs available in this career.  

She said her trip to Cayman has been very enjoyable and because of the small size of the island and the community, she had been able to meet lots of people. She compared Cayman to her father’s hometown of St. Vincent, which she said is also a very small community.  

The Save Our Youth Foundation hosted Ms. Lewis for its 10th annual Football Extravaganza, inviting the actress to give talks to Cayman’s youth on making positive choices. While in Cayman, Ms. Lewis also met with students at John Gray, Clifton Hunter and Cayman Prep schools, and the Frances Bodden Girls Home. 


Actress Andrea Lewis, front center, with students at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre.– PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

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