Alleged biting burglar appears in court

A man charged with burglary and common assault appeared in Summary Court Monday after allegedly biting the homeowner of a property that was broken into on Friday.

Norman Christopher McLaughlin, a West Bay resident, was arrested Friday following the break-in at the premises in Batabano Road in West Bay. According to police, the homeowner returned to his property around 2:30 p.m. to find his home had been burglarized.

He apprehended the suspect in bushes nearby, but a struggle ensued and the suspect broke free. Police searched the area and arrested McLaughlin, 39, nearby. He was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, where he was treated for injuries, and subsequently remanded in custody.

Details of the charges against McLaughlin are that he entered the residence as a trespasser and stole food, money and jewelry valued at $1,000, and that he bit the homeowner on his left arm.

Attorney John Furniss did not apply for bail. Magistrate Valdis Foldats set the case for mention this Thursday.