Students prepare for workforce

Clifton Hunter High School Year 11 students are learning steps to success in the world of business. 

More than 20 businesses and 130 students last week participated in mock interviews that taught students how to prepare and present themselves for real-life employment interviews. 

“This event provided students with real-life simulation by partnering with employers in the community to assist with the lesson,” said Paula Wythe, business subject leader and event organizer. “I would like to thank all of the companies that took part and supported our students by providing them with this wonderful experience.” 

Ms. Wythe believes the event will help students prepare to take an active role in the community.  

“Following the interviews, students received valuable feedback as to how they performed and what else they can do to make themselves more employable,” she said. 

In preparation for the interviews, students learned about the process of applying and preparing for employment, including how to write a professional cover letter and resume, professional language and personal presentation. 


A student participates in a mock interview with business people.