Bulgin keeps PwC's account up

Dimitri Mizu assisted with two PwC goals and deserves praise for his all-around contribution. “Dimitri was excellent,” said Bulgin. “…Him being there really took a lot of the pressure off me in goal. We couldn’t have done it without him.”

Bulgin stopped numerous attempts by KPMG with several from close range, and he conceded only one goal from seven shots in the first half.

KPMG had success through Adriaan Dednam with two goals and Paul Ramsbottom with a goal and assist.

With no rolling substitutes on the bench, PwC smacked in five goals in the second half to win 6-3.

“As we were about to start the second half, our main talk and focus was keeping a much stronger defense and [we] changed our formation to keep three in defense at all times, with only two up front,” said PwC’s Casey Santamaria. “We wanted to push the ball forward from the defense and score on the counter.” The tactic worked well.

Moving into the second half of the season, PwC are looking for further success and a push up the standings for the playoff run.

“Despite having no subs in this game against KPMG, we did really well,” said Santamaria. “If we can get the regular turnouts, I think we can do even better for the rest of the season.”

PwC’s captain Jack Leeland said, “I’m very proud of the team for getting the result with only six players, and that, I am sure with the return of some big old names next week, including our former captain Ric Agrella, PwC can make a push up the league.” PwC play Zolfo Cooper on Monday.

In other games, Kinetic Partners Asset Management (KPAM) met Deloitte in a close-fought game decided on a penalty kick by Deloitte’s recently acquired Kris Pearson. Deloitte clinched the 7-6 win and remain unbeaten, claiming top spot in the league standings with a game in hand.

Pearson and cousin Forde Pierson have scored 12 and 7 goals, respectively, and with Patrick Diaz taking up the spot in goal, Deloitte are positive about their remaining schedule.

“Having the addition of Kris and Patrick has completed the team as we needed another striker and a goalie to boost up the side,” said Forde Pierson. “We have a complete team now and are confident that we can lift the trophy this season.”

After losing points in their last two games, and goals scored on the decline, KPAM moved to sixth place in the standings.

“Deloitte is always a difficult game for us,” said KPAM’s Tom Woodroffe. “Unfortunately, discipline let us down on the night.”

KPAM were reduced to three players after two were sanctioned simultaneously with two-minute penalties.

“Ultimately, it was a late penalty that cost us the game,” said Woodroffe. “To lose by a penalty is devastating. We’re a passionate bunch of lads, but we just need to channel it better.” KPAM take on Peppers Smokehouse Monday.

Zolfo Cooper continued their surge up the standings against Peppers Smokehouse through Niall Hanna converting a penalty kick with 28 seconds remaining. Hannah claimed three other goals – two assisted by Kevin Guirey – putting him at 13 for the season, and Zolfo Cooper in fourth spot in the league.

Peppers Smokehouse adjusted their forward lineups and found success with Matt Day and Ben Bates combining for three goals. “That was a great game,” said Peppers’s Will Collins. “It was easily our best game so far, but tough to lose on a penalty.”

Wednesday night’s series saw Rajesh Bavalia netting Digicel’s game-winning goal with three minutes remaining, and Brian O’Reilly claiming four first-half strikes to overcome the KPMG Titans 7-6.

“That was a tough game,” said Digicels’s Eddie Arthurs. “A great result for us.”

The Titans rebounded with four second-half goals, tying things up through Luca Pollini with five minutes left, but with 26 shots on net couldn’t find a late equalizer. Digicel face Deloitte for a tough challenge Wednesday.

AON United and Dominion Devils were set to collide Wednesday night, but with a diminished roster the Devils lost 11-3 for their first defeat of the season.

AON with 22 goals in their last two games move into second spot in the standings.

In Wednesday’s final game, the DMS Devils looked to extend their three game winning streak against Ernst & Young, bringing Michael Hall back to the lineup from injury for his season debut.

Hall recorded three goals and two assists for a five-point night, as well as claiming a superbly struck half volley rocketing just inside the post.

“It was a great game with the return of our midfield colossus Mike Hall who returned from injury to get his first hat-trick of the season,” said the Devils Shane Delaney. “It was a tough match and E&Y made us fight hard for a deserved win.”

E&Y responded well, exchanging goals regularly until five minutes remaining when they conceded two, putting the game out of reach. “I think we’ve had some teething problems which is inevitable given that we’re a new team this season,” said E&Y’s Jack Armstrong. “But it is starting to come together now. We’ve also played some tough teams, all in the top five last season, I believe.

“Our passing game, work rate and communication have all improved. Obviously, having the league’s leading scorer in Kenwyn Walcott is a great asset, so hopefully we can continue the way we’re going and get a few more wins.”

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