Immigration official appears in court

Charges adjourned until April 14

The Immigration Department’s director of boards and work permits appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday as owner and operator of two businesses charged with immigration offenses.

Kimberley Davis, trading as Launch Pad Enrichment Center, is charged with making a false statement on a work permit application. Details are that in seeking approval to employ a named person, she submitted a work permit application on June 24, 2013, in which she falsely represented that all health insurance premiums for all employees were paid up to date, knowing the information to be false or believing it not to be true.

A second file names only the company as defendant Drink Fresh Juice Ltd.

The first charge against the company is making a false statement. Details are that the company, upon submission of a work permit application, falsely represented that it had set up a pension plan for employees in accordance with the National Pension Plan, knowing the information to be false or believing it not to be true.

The second charge is that the company unlawfully employed a named person as a kitchen helper between Oct. 23 and Nov. 19, 2014 without the requisite approval of the Department of Immigration.

Attorney Richard Barton spoke for the defendant, but advised Magistrate Valdis Foldats that he was not on record as defense counsel.

Crown Counsel Candia James said the files contained quite a large amount of papers that needed to be copied before they could be served on the defendant.

On hearing that the papers would be ready within two weeks, the magistrate set April 14 for the next mention date.