Easter campers descend on beaches

As is traditional every Easter, Cayman’s seashores are filling up with tents as people head to local beaches to camp out over the long weekend.

While recent inclement weather may have kept many from pitching their camps early this year, the forecast for the weekend is fine, so the popular spots are expected to fill up over the next few days.

Governor’s Beach, Barkers, Smith Cove, Kaibo, Colliers and Seven Mile Public Beach usually attract plenty of campers each year.

To help cut down on the amount of trash left behind by campers and other beach visitors over Easter, the Department of Environment Health is placing commercial containers at those and other beaches.


Easter camping at Governor’s Beach. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay


  1. How about adding more foot patrols, especially at the end of the weekend when people are leaving and fine those that leave trash behind. A litter hotline that people can call and report litterers to would also help maybe even give folks a place to email photos to..With a small reward attached of course..

    We know that from years past that there a lot of people that will not willingly clean up after themselves. They have to be given incentive to do what’s right.

  2. Patrols are one necessary idea. Fees or deposits is another idea for these individuals who make already trash strewn beaches uninhabitable. Imagine their own homes with what disregard they show for the beaches with the refuse they leave behind without a thought.

  3. You think CIG cares about garbage. How about a Porto potty or two to address the bio hazard that gets left behind in all three island with no public facilities. What a hot mess!!! Ban camping other than on licensed properties that are required to have basic facilities!!