Revived time trial a hit

The Cayman Islands Cycling Association revived a two-man team time trial event on Sunday, starting and finishing at the Clifton Hunter School in Frank Sound.

It’s been a long time since the cycling club had a team time trial and general feedback was the event was fun and challenging.

The 24-mile race was won by Michele “Mitch” Smith and Pedro Lopez Ramos in 55 minutes, 0.97 seconds. Second were Jeffrey Jakubiak and Patrick Loughane (58:09.62) and third were Marlon Crowe and Kevin Connolly (59:24.99).

The cycling association thanked CEL Wholesale and Brasserie/Cricket Square for their support, as well as the many volunteers, spectators, police and committee members.

Irvin Bennett partnered with Bonnie Hurlston in one Bliss team. He said, “The two-man time trial was a good opportunity to get a feel of racing with a bit of fun mixed in with having my other group riding friends participate as well. It was a good experience despite getting a flat tire within the first mile and a half.

“The weather and vibes from everyone was great and even the tips we received from cycling association president Craig Merren just before the start were a bonus.”

Bennett added that he would like to see more team events posted in the near future.

Rhys Ebanks rode with Nolan Stewart in another Bliss team. Ebanks said, “It was a good event for those who are thinking about taking casual cycling a bit more seriously.

“Having a teammate to ride with for your first competitive event really helps with your nerves and also provides support during the race.

“Having Nolan with me, I was able to push myself more than I would have if I was riding alone. In the end, I did better than I expected and was proud of my result.”

Merren said. “We were really pleased with the turnout of 19 teams. The cycling association scheduled these events in the past which attracted many cyclists. It forms a way for two riders to work as a team, that helps strengthen their skills and knowledge. We are planning more team time trial events in the coming months, but at shorter distances.”

The next cycling event is the Feed Our Future Century Ride on April 26, starting at 5.15 a.m. from Ristorante Pappagallo. It is not a race but a charity ride to raise funds.

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