Police name tourist in fatal Jet Ski crash

Police on Thursday named the man killed in Wednesday’s Jet Ski accident off the Westin on Seven Mile Beach as Robert Cole from Virgilina, Virginia.

Three cruise ship passengers, all from the U.S., were involved in the collision between two Jet Skis, one driven by Mr. Cole, 31, and the other by a 15-year-old boy.

Emergency services received a report of the accident just before 1 p.m. Mr. Cole died from his injuries. He was riding a Jet Ski with Amy Comer, 37, also from Virginia. She was taken to Cayman Islands Hospital and later released.

Police say the teenager, from New York, suffered minor injuries to his nose from the accident and was not taken to the hospital.

Reached by phone in Virginia, Ms. Comer’s father Ricky Comer said, “We really don’t know what happened. We’re waiting to hear from down there.”

Police Chief Inspector Harlan Powery said the investigation was continuing, and he would not comment on the circumstances of the accident.

Mr. Cole and Ms. Comer were passengers on the Carnival Conquest cruise ship. According to Rod McDowall with Red Sail Sports, the couple rented a Jet Ski from another company at Public Beach. Mr. McDowall said his company rented the Jet Ski to the 15-year-old from the Red Sail shop at the Westin.

Police said the boy was Jet Skiing with his father and three brothers. The boy and his family were passengers on the Carnival Paradise cruise ship.

In a press release, police said Mr. Cole was taken to shore after the accident and received CPR. “Emergency Services responded shortly and transported both the male rider and a female passenger to the hospital,” said Inspector Powery.

Police said everyone involved in the accident stayed in Cayman to assist in the investigation. RCIPS and Joint Marine Unit officers are investigating.


  1. This raises the obvious question – is there any lower age limit when renting these high powered jet skis?. It is unclear from the report if the boy was in fact riding alone, but this appears to be the case.

  2. This problem arose in Europe a few years ago – a minor cannot hold insurance;-

    I’m talking generally – this incident is still being investigated…

    But lets take a hypothetical case where someone under 16 years old caused a serious injury to another rider requiring them to be airlifted to Miami and rack up a 500,000 medical bill – Who’s liable?

    There have also been problems with swimmers and divers being run over. While working in Europe I had to put a dive boat on a collision course with a Jetski (only a few feet from impact, but the boat would have fared better than the divers) – He was heading straight for the the divers surface marker bouys.
    When the marine police talked to him – he thought the bouys would be good for a slalom, had no idea the divers were surfacing directly below, nor did he realize that my 5 blasts on the horn meant danger – thought I was just annoyed he was going fast…

    The singer Kirsty MacColl, famous for the ”Fairytale of New York” with ”The Pogues”, was killed diving in Mexico by a Jetski, there was a Significant impact on tourism!

  3. What a tragedy. We have had multiple experiences with jet skis riding too close to shore when we have been snorkeling. These jet skis have been clearly inside the markers, sometimes significantly, once even while towing a 2nd one. Several close calls actually necessitated calls to the marine unit of the police. I’m not sure if the renters aren’t being properly educated on the rules or if they choose to ignore them but I’ve been scared once too many times & will never snorkel off SMB again.